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DigitalStakeout harnesses the expansive potential of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to empower a wide array of use cases, from threat detection to brand protection and beyond. By tapping into diverse data sources across the digital spectrum, the DigitalStakeout platform provides organizations with the data, technology and tools needed to navigate complex security landscapes, safeguard digital assets, and maintain operational integrity across multiple domains.

Dark Web Monitoring & Investigation

Navigate the complexities of the dark web with DigitalStakeout's investigative monitoring tools, uncover illicit activities, and safeguard your information assets from hidden cybercriminal networks.

Digital Brand Protection

Preserve brand integrity and maintain market reputation with DigitalStakeout's digital brand protection solutions, monitoring online channels for infringement, impersonation, and brand misuse.

Digital Threat Detection

Utilize DigitalStakeout's cutting-edge threat intelligence capabilities to detect and mitigate cyber threats proactively, ensuring robust digital security and incident prevention.

Location, Event, & Place Security

Enhance situational awareness with DigitalStakeout's location-based security solutions, monitoring real-time events and activities to secure places and ensure public safety.

Physical Security Intelligence

Integrate DigitalStakeout's physical security intelligence into your risk management strategy to gain comprehensive insights into real-world threats and maintain a secure environment.

Social Media Threat Monitoring

Leverage DigitalStakeout's real-time threat detection on social platforms to identify and respond to potential risks, safeguarding your digital presence against evolving online threats.

Data Broker & PII Removal

Safeguard private information from data brokers with DigitalStakeout's PII removal services, ensuring protectees remain absent from search results to prevent exploitation.

Digital Risk Protection

Shield your digital assets and operations with DigitalStakeout's digital risk protection services, minimizing exposure to cyber threats and reinforcing your organization's defense mechanisms.

Executive Protection & Protective Intelligence

Protect high-profile individuals with DigitalStakeout's executive protection services, offering advanced monitoring and risk assessment to swiftly preempt and respond to threats.

OSINT Collection & Analysis

Capitalize on DigitalStakeout's expertise in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis, extracting and refining information from publicly available sources for informed decision-making.

Social Media Monitoring & Investigation

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Employ DigitalStakeout's advanced analytics for comprehensive investigations into social media activities, unearthing hidden patterns and actionable insights from user-generated content

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