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OSINT & Threat Intelligence Solutions

DigitalStakeout offers industry-leading OSINT (open source intelligence) and cyber threat intelligence solutions. Our comprehensive suite includes specialized services like Dark Web Monitoring, safeguarding your organization from online threats; Digital Brand Protection, securing your digital business; Digital Threat Detection, using AI-powered technology to identify potential risks; Executive Protection, protecting the safety of your high-ranking officials; Location, Event & Travel Security, ensuring your operations proceed unhindered, anywhere, anytime; and Social Media Monitoring, proactively navigating the threat landscape. DigitalStakeout empowers your organization to tap into the value of public data to protect what matters most.

Dark Web Monitoring & Investigation

Illuminating the Threat: A Solution for Dark Web Monitoring & Investigations

Data Broker & PII Removal

Hundreds of data brokers sell and freely share information about peoples' property, location, life and other private details. We make sure your protectees are not found in those search results for any nefarious actor to exploit.

Digital Brand Protection

Safeguarding Your Online Presence: Advanced Digital Brand Protection Solution

Digital Threat Detection

Early Warning Intelligence: Advanced Visibility to Critical Threats

Executive Protection & Protective Intelligence

Beyond Physical Security: Intelligent and Proactive Executive Protection Solution

Location, Event, & Place Security

Geo-Based Insights: Linking Threats to Places for Location-Based Intelligence

OSINT Collection & Analysis

Automate your OSINT visibility and save 80% of the time and effort versus performing manual collection and analysis.

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Social Media Monitoring & Investigation

Beyond Monitoring: Comprehensive & Intelligent Social Media Investigations

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