The Digital Risk Problem

Known and unknown digital threats pose serious risks to employees, stakeholders, and corporate reputation, the primary factors driving the success of every organization. The number of potential digital threats has increased in proportion to the vectors by which malicious actors can target organizations in every sector and industry. Organizations simply cannot rely on manual processes and analysis to identify and manage external digital risk effectively.

Un-managed Digital Risk is a Major Business Risk

  1. Exponential growth of digital surface area and content make your organization more vulnerable to a new class of threats and heighten known risk.
  2. The volume, veracity and complexity of data collection from social, web and other unstructured data is costly to aggregate, maintain & support.
  3. Organizations usually lack the expertise and resources to build the tools, models and update the logic required to detect cyber and physical, and operational threats.
  4. Lack of visibility to digital threats with timely detection and response enables threats & events to inflict reputation, financial, legal and physical damage.

Deteriorate the Threat Opportunity Space

DigitalStakeout solutions drive maturity that enables you to deteriorate the threat opportunity space of bad actors and uncover unseen vulnerability.

digitalstakeout maturity model