Critical Event and Risk Detection Solutions

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Stay Ahead of Known and Unknown Risks

As organizations leverage new technology and digital platforms to improve business processes, they also increase organizational risk. High-performance organizations recognize the need to manage this risk with sophisticated and effective risk management solutions. DigitalStakeout Scout and DigitalStakeout Tools enable security and risk professionals to use data from the web to discover information, protect assets, improve security, and reduce external risk.

Protect your brand and intellectual property from common brand abuse and attacks.

Maintain situational awareness and improve security and response times to threats impacting your employees, locations and operations.

Keep your locations safe, reduce employee travel risk and be aware of emerging global threats with location-based intelligence.


Leverage real-time social media and data from the web to detect critical events that impact your organization.

data protection

Prioritize vulnerability management with breaking open source cyber threat intelligence to take quick action to protect IT assets and data.

Reduce Risk with a DigitalStakeout Solution

Learn more about what is external threat management. Understand the importance of continuous monitoring and how it will help your organization become more resilient, reduce security and risk management costs and protect your bottom line.

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