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OSINT Search & Discovery

Access over five billion current data points using on-demand search tools for in-depth OSINT discovery.

Save countless hours and resources by subscribing to one platform that includes an array of OSINT search engines. These purpose-built search tools help users uncover critical data from various open sources, empowering you to initiate digital investigations, or enable continuous osint collection or pivot during triage & analysis. With billions of data-points updated daily, DigitalStakeout's suite of tools offers a limitless combination of common starting points that security and risk professionals require to gain a digital advantage.

Search compromised data and exposed credentials.

Identify and analyze potential data breaches across web sources.

Proactively identify data breaches with extensive search capabilities. Scan web and dark web sources to protect assets from potential information exposure.

Domain and IP Intelligence provides organizations with the ability to access extensive DNS and web intelligence records, enabling thorough investigation of domain-related threats.

Provide comprehensive DNS and web intelligence for domain investigations.

Investigate domain-related threats with extensive DNS and web intelligence. Access comprehensive data for in-depth digital investigations and risk assessment.

Discover content based on geographical location and data from the surface web, social media, and the dark web, providing context for location-specific threats.

Search and analyze location-based social media and web content.

Identify location-specific security risks with geo-intelligence features. Analyze global public location-based content for quick, localized threat assessment.

Perform a reverse search on on a person.

Gather detailed profiles on individuals from online sources.

Enhance individual risk assessment with in-depth people search capabilities. Discover and analyze person-specific information across multiple online data sources.

Search for social media screen names.

Search for digital presences across social networks and websites.

Conduct thorough digital presence investigations with advanced search tools. Discover online profiles associated with specific identifiers across social networks.

Search and analyze content from surface, dark, and deep web sources.

Access diverse online threat data with advanced search capabilities. Analyze content from surface web, dark web, and deep web sources for comprehensive security insights.

Discover websites by their frontpage content, social media links, or unique meta tags, keeping you informed about potential threats, competitive strategies, and industry trends. DigitalStakeout's Website Finder is a sophisticated tool designed for professionals in OSINT, cybersecurity, and research.

Discover websites based on specific content or metadata criteria.

Uncover potential online threats with sophisticated website discovery tools. Find websites based on content, social links, or meta tags for comprehensive threat intelligence.

Get started, see DigitalStakeout Scout plans and pricing.

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