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OSINT Collection & Monitoring

Collect and monitor critical OSINT from multiple sources to develop comprehensive situational awareness.

A targeted, ongoing, and adaptable approach to data collection is critical for security and risk professionals aiming to stay ahead in the fast-paced digital landscape. Monitors are dynamic modules yield purpose-specific feeds that continuously collect or import new data that meets your criteria, ensuring the most relevant information is at your fingertips to support your critical security and risk management needs. With a unified platform that brings together data from various sources & billions of data points, Monitors serve as a foundation for efficient OSINT processing and analysis. When collection requirements shift or an incident arises, you can adapt at the speed of change.

Monitoring Blogs

Keep informed by tracking millions of blog posts for pertinent content through our blog content discovery feature.

Archiving Content while Browsing

Improve your ability to collect, document, investigate, and archive web content with a browser extension.

Monitoring the Dark Web

Discover insights from the dark web and discover information being posted on dark websites.

Unify All Your OSINT Data Collection

Aggregate and consolidate data from various sources using DigitalStakeout's comprehensive data aggregation features.

OSINT Data Sources

Tap Into Millions of OSINT Sources Across the Web

DigitalStakeout continuously gathers, organizes, and analyzes web data from essential sources for your needs.

Monitoring for Domains

Safeguard your digital attack surface by identifying domains, hostnames, phishing, and typosquatting activities.

Aggregating Emails

Redirect emails or spam to a virtual inbox for intelligence gathering or consolidate subscribed emails and alerts for streamlined triage with DigitalStakeout.

Monitoring Weaponized Websites

Detect weaponized domains using DigitalStakeout's Front Page Monitor to safeguard your brand from digital fraud and abuse.

Monitoring Locations

Discover real-time insights and ground truth using DigitalStakeout's Geo Location Monitor for accurate location-based intelligence.

Monitoring Ads

Protect your brand from advertising threats on Google Ads with DigitalStakeout's Google Ads Monitor.

Monitoring Search Engines

Monitor and receive alerts for new results on Google Search with DigitalStakeout's Google Search Monitor.

OSINT Monitors

Create Purpose Specific Feeds for Processing

With multi-modal monitoring, efficiently track and analyze events from a diverse array of OSINT sources.

Monitoring the Media

Keep informed with real-time news content tracking across local, national, and international levels with News monitoring.

Monitoring Data Brokers

Safeguard employee privacy and security by monitoring for exposed Personal Information (PII) with DigitalStakeout's PII Monitor.

Monitoring Attack Surface

Secure your network and manage your external attack surface with DigitalStakeout's Port Scan Monitor.

Tracking Public Profiles

Streamline account reviews across various platforms with DigitalStakeout's Profile Tracker, enabling centralized monitoring of public social media profiles.

Aggregating RSS Feeds

Monitor any RSS/Atom feed effortlessly with DigitalStakeout's automated RSS Feed Monitor.

Monitoring Public Social Media

Keep informed with DigitalStakeout's social media content discovery feature, tracking millions of public posts for critical information.

Tracking Content from a Target URL

Easily comprehend global content with automatic translation feature powered by Google Translate.

Pushing Data into DigitalStakeout

Enhance data accessibility using the Webhook Collector to push logs, events, content, or documents via webhooks.

Get started, see DigitalStakeout Scout plans and pricing.

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