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Discover and Monitor a Person or Organization's Digital Footprint with Coverage on over 750 Websites and Social Networks


As a person or organization increases their web presence through social media and websites, they also increase their digital risk and attack surface for cyber threats. This is because the more reliant a person or organization is on the internet for revenue, the more digital assets they have that need to be properly configured and defended against threats. Additionally, it can be difficult for organizations to keep track of their digital footprint across all of the different social media platforms and websites they use.

DigitalStakeout Canvass monitors help security analysts discover and monitor the digital footprint of a person or organization on over 750 social networks and websites. With Canvass, analysts can perform audits to find accounts (both authorized and unauthorized) that match a brand, company name, or specific person's name. This allows organizations to get a complete view of their web presence and to maintain a centralized knowledge base of all of their verified accounts. 

By using DigitalStakeout Canvass monitors, organizations can save time discovering their digital properties and can inventory their company, brand, product, and executive accounts to better understand and defend against potential cyber threats.

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