Digital Risk Protection

Digital risk protection is the use of tools, products and services to mitigate the risk associated with operating a digital organization.

The outcome of investing in digital risk protection is to create or enhance digital resiliency.

The Outcome of Successful Digital Risk Management

Digital risk protection focuses on protecting organizational reputation, customer experience and revenue.

Digital risk protection tools, products and services are designed to rapidly detect digital threats and respond to events to minimize organizational disruption and any financial losses. Digital risk protection is business-first and is focused on protecting the organization without impeding or disrupting the operation or the mission of the organization. Digital risk mitigation accounts for non-obvious dependencies such as external threats and helps organizations deal with dynamic ways disruptions can occur outside the control of traditional cyber security. Thorough digital risk protection capabilities support the mitigation of cyber, physical and operational threats to a digital organization.

The Digital Risk Dilemma Your Orgainzation Faces

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Protection Defends Your Organization in Real-time

Respond to Digital Threats at the Speed of Change

In the past, the focus in risk mitigation was asset, impact and likelihood. In today’s social media centric world with a 24 x 7 information cycle, responding to a digital threat with speed is critical. Unmitigated risk in an unacceptable time window creates tangible damage and losses and disrupts the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities where your organization has competitive advantage.

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Leveraging machine learning and artificial insight, our proprietary technology detects external threats to your organization traditional cyber security capabilities will miss.

DigitalStakeout’s best-in-class customer support gives you access to subject matter expert digital risk resources to get the most value out of an digital risk protection investment.

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