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Partner Program

Improve customer security and increase revenue with the leader in continuous OSINT and threat intelligence.

Resellers, Managed Service Providers, and Integration Partners

The DigitalStakeout Partner Program enables Resellers, Managed Service Providers, and Integration Partners to generate revenue and value with a market-leading OSINT and threat intelligence solution. Enable your customers to use data from the Internet, social media, and the dark web to reduce organizational risk and protect their brand, employees, and the business reputation. Our proprietary cloud-based solution offers continuous data discovery, user-defined alerts, and a simple web-based portal to review and investigate mentions, warnings, and incidents.

Becoming a DigitalStakeout Partner


Partner program benefits vary based on terms of the partnership agreement. DigitalStakeout reserves the right to update its partner program benefits and requirements at any time.


Partnership Criteria

  • Established company or organization with 2+ years history.

  • Verified credit and financial standing.

  • Product or service offering in comparable or adjacent market.

  • High reputation web and social media presence.

  • 85%+ subscriber and revenue business retention.

  • Execute DigitalStakeout annual partnership agreement.


How Partners Use DigitalStakeout



Maintain situational awareness through monitoring social media & other chatter for breaking news and incidents.


Risk Intelligence

Keep up with industry, trends and topics that impact your customer security posture.


Threat Monitoring

Curate intelligence to reduce customer exposure of employees, executives, and organizational assets.


Brand Protection

Detect and respond to bad actors exploiting, abusing your customer brands and eroding their revenue.

Types of Partners


Value-Added Resellers

Introduce DigitalStakeout to your customers so they can detect and respond to events that impact their people, assets, and brand.


Managed Service Providers

Use DigitalStakeout to deliver a scalable AI-powered service to your customers leveraging continuous OSINT from public data.

Technology & Integration Partners

Create a purpose-built technology offering with DigitalStakeout to fully differentiate your product or service in the marketplace.


Why Partner with DigitalStakeout


Team & Technology

Each member of our team, leadership and advisors has decades of security and risk management experience at top brands and best-in-class security companies. Automated monitoring technology for reputation, physical, operational, and cyber risk in the digital world expands business risk visibility. DigitalStakeout radically improves access to actionable information before events occur or create additional damage in the real world.


Sales & Return on Investment

DigitalStakeout offers aggressive discounts and sales incentives on registered deals to ensure a profitable return on your investment into sales. You will receive expert support and marketing resources to drive demand at every stage of the marketing and sales funnel to close more deals. Committed partners receive advanced technical training for your pre-sales, sales, and customer support teams.

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