Many organizations struggle to keep up with the vast amounts of web data needed to identify and mitigate risks outside the firewall. Applying the sophisticated technology of DigitalStakeout’s different solutions for Digital Risk Monitoring enhances your organization’s abilities to protect your valued brand, key locations, and executives and employees. 

  • Real-time coverage of social, deep and dark channels in one solution.
  • Visibility into digital risk and physical risk environments.
  • Built-in use cases perform automated discoveries of threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Intuitive visualizations enable enhanced risk analysis to deliver meaningful insights.


DigitalStakeout mines social media, deep web and the dark web to manage digital risk.

Keep pace at the “speed of change” when rapidly evolving digital risk situations strike.

Digital Risk Intelligence Use Cases

DigitalStakeout analytics translate discoveries into meaningful insights to uncover non-obvious risk and demonstrate value to your stakeholders.

Analyze geospatial risk with DigitalStakeout

Location-based Analytics

Uncoverl risk with DigitalStakeout pivots.

Time-based Pivot Analytics

Natural language processing with DigitalStakeout.

Sentiment Analytics

Cluster and link analysis with DigitalStakeout.

Cluster & Link Analysis

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