DigitalStakeout Scout

Unmanaged Digital Risk is a Major Business Risk

Expanding Footprint

The exponential growth of your digital footprint make your organization more vulnerable to new classes of threats and heighten known risk.

Volume of Data

The volume, veracity, and complexity of data collection from social, web and other unstructured data is costly to aggregate, maintain and support.

Limited Resources

Properly structuring data to detect unknown threats, deriving insights and minimizing false positives requires a significant amount of resources, expertise and analytical knowledge.

Lack of Visibility

The lack of visibility due to blind spots and latent detection and response enables negative events to inflict preventable reputation, financial, legal and physical damage to your organization.

Understanding the Digital Risk Problem

Known and unknown events pose risks to employees, stakeholders, and corporate reputation, the primary factors driving the success of every organization. Organizations simply cannot rely on manual processes and analysis to identify and manage external event risk effectively. DigitalStakeout solutions drive maturity that enables you to deteriorate the opportunity cost of not knowing.


» No data collection
» No inventory of actors & assets
» Fetch & retrieve investigation


» Basic Data Collection
» Moderate level of inventory
» Backfill and review investigation


» Comprehensive inventory
» Strategy driven analysis
» Feedback loop drives process


» Signals refined into KPIs
» Feedback loop in ecosystem
» Deteriorates threat opportunity

Your digital footprint is expanding every day. Mitigate the risks of an expanding footprint on the surface web, social media, the dark web and other digital channels all within one platform. Explore use cases for DigitalStakeout below: