Get The Cyber Threat Intelligence You Need in Real-time

Be the first to detect and respond to cyber threats with real-time data. Whether you’re an enterprise or a small business, you have the advantage of applying data to questions you always need an answer to; so you can protect what matters the most to your business.

Websites, Domains & Pages

Social Media

News, Blogs, Forums, & Reviews

Deep Web & Darknet

Internet of Things (IoT)

Logs, Apps & Databases

Detect critical cyber events as they happen, analyze situations, and manage risk to your business.

Using DigitalStakeout Scout as a tool in your risk management strategy, you’ll tap into data to detect digital risk events that will impact your business. With a wide array of supported data sources, out-of-the-box & user-defined critical event detection technology, alerting, and analytics, we’ll enable you to get the essential visibility you need to mitigate risk at the speed of change to protect what matters most.

integrated management
Monitor For Critical Events

With DigitalStakeout Scout Monitors, you can build a customized critical event detection capability by creating a feed by collecting or connecting to the data you need to monitor.

Get Alerted in Real-Time

In today’s information cycles, you need to be the first to know of breaking event. Create alerts with minimal effort and reduce alert fatigue so you can focus on acting the most business relevant situations.

Search Your Data with Ease

Perform unified analysis on all of your monitor data or data from a single monitor. Search your real-time and historical monitor data by full-text search, by entity or by tags visually without having to learn a technical query language.

Enabling the Healthcare Industry to Get Actionable COVID-19 Intelligence

DigitalStakeout is investing in enhancing the healthcare industry’s ability to improve its response to COVID-19 and maintain the resilience of the nation’s healthcare and public health critical infrastructure. DigitalStakeout is contributing its data platform and intelligence capabilities to H-ISAC’s Shared Services to support the vulnerable healthcare community of HISAC members who lack the resources for obtaining these tools.


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Why Choose DigitalStakeout?

Our cyber analytics make it easy to illuminate unseen digital risk events, exposures and potential risk to your business.

Our products are simple, immediately accelerate response, and easily align to a specific cyber security mission.

You can use our solution for numerous cyber security, digital risk and IT devops use cases.

Our platform is a cloud-based solution with no hardware or software to install.

Monitor public web data, social media, darkweb and or monitor any of your data with our solution.

In every product we deliver, we enrich, normalize, and make all source data transparent and accessible.

You don’t have to be a expert to use our products and leverage out-of-box cyber intelligence.

We’ll help through connecting your data, on-boarding users, best-practices and integration.


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