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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Made Easier

Cloud-Delivered OSINT Software, Investigative Tools & Real-Time Data

Safeguard Your Assets, Accelerate Investigations, and Mitigate Risks with Our Comprehensive AI-Powered OSINT Platform for Real-Time Monitoring and Continuous Online Screening.

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AI-Powered Event, Incident and Risk Detection across 16 Classes of Risk & 225+ Event Types

In 2023, DigitalStakeout customers analyzed over 4.52 billion web records from more than 87.86 million unique sources, enhancing their continuous threat monitoring and risk assessment capabilities.

Trusted by risk professionals across all markets.


Accelerate Investigations

Empower your OSINT operations with our cloud-delivered suite, providing a seamless integration of software, tools, data, and analytics for superior intelligence gathering and analysis.


Improve Security Analysis

DigitalStakeout simplifies security and risk analysis with user-friendly tools, automated data enrichment, and tagging, streamlining the process for enhanced operational efficiency.

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Leverage AI-Powered Insights

Cut through the noise with AI-powered detection of events, risks, and incidents enables a proactive approach to security, ensuring timely and effective responses.

The DigitalStakeout Platform

DigitalStakeout is a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for open-source intelligence (OSINT) and risk intelligence to empower risk professionals. As a cloud-delivered platform with continuous coverage on millions of sites & integration options, we offer the most cost-effective and efficient solution for leveraging OSINT for a wide array of AI-powered intelligence needs. Featuring the industry's most comprehensive AI-powered OSINT platform, DigitalStakeout enables analysts to conduct searches, set up alerts, archive data, and perform assessments in one integrated space. By consolidating data collection, monitoring, analysis, and dissemination capabilities, DigitalStakeout simplifies and scales tedious workflows for users, ensuring they can effectively respond to the dynamic threat landscape with actionable insights and enhanced situational awareness.


DigitalStakeout greatly enhances the productivity and efficiency of your team, enabling them to achieve up to 8 times the output compared to traditional manual methods. This remarkable boost is achieved through a suite of powerful tools and features built into our platform.

  • 10+ Unique OSINT Indexes: With access to over 1 billion data points, our real-time search engines provide vast and varied fresh public information.

  • Modular Feed System: This system makes it easy to monitor information efficiently, ensuring you're always updated.

  • AI-Powered Tools: Our advanced AI tools automatically categorize information, saving you time and effort in sorting through data.

  • Custom Workflow Automation: This feature helps quickly alert you to important events, ensuring you don't miss critical updates.

  • Extensive Analytics: With our analytics, you can dive deep into the data, uncovering new insights and information for better decision-making.

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