Track What's Happening on the Web with Automated OSINT

Use the DigitalStakeout platform and leverage automated OSINT to acquire new insights on the surface web, social media, alt-tech, the dark web and Internet.

  • Create a real-time OSINT capability on our platform in minutes.

  • Leverage normalized content from millions of data sources in a common format.

  • Cut through noise with extensive filtering & data tagging features.

  • Archive and search your collected data by time, Boolean, facet and more.

DigitalStakeout is trusted by large and small organizations across all markets that need to identify events happening on the web.


Protecting People, Places, And Assets with Real-Time Open-Source Intelligence

When it comes to protecting your people, places, and assets, you can think you know, or you can know you know. While testing has always been a hallmark of any quality process, periodic threat assessment is no longer enough to protect your organization and its interests from external risk.

Why DigitalStakeout for OSINT?

We created DigitalStakeout because siloed OSINT and web intelligence products needed to give analysts the data, control, transparency, scale, and innovation needed to spot threats on the Web.

Stuck in the manual search rut, free OSINT tool overload, with an exponential amount of data growth on the Internet, you need to reduce time, complexity, and fragmented use of OSINT tools take away from you your day job.

At DigitalStakeout, being former practitioners, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any OSINT need. We provide a platform approach that gives you the data, control, visibility, and flexibility to customize feeds, filters, and alert distribution to mitigate the hyperbolic growth of external risk in a single cloud-delivered solution.

Create an OSINT capability tailored to your needs or your team's needs. Pay for only what you need and use. A single analyst will track the Web better using DigitalStakeout versus a team of five not using DigitalStakeout. There is no more efficient and cost-effective way. Get started on your DigitalStakeout.

How Customers Use DigitalStakeout

Track public social media channels to detect external threats to your brand, employees, customers and assets. Stay aware of breaking events, emerging threats, online threats and respond to negative mentions with automated social media monitoring and analytics.

Leverage the power of public content from the web to make data-driven decisions. Scale your OSINT visibility with automation and save 80% of the time and effort versus using an automated open-source intelligence collection and analysis platform.

Gain the ability to maintain situational awareness of incidents and mentions that impact the security of human or physical assets under protection. Remediate physical risks with purpose-driven automated physical threat spotters.

Be aware of current and future incident happening at any place or location in the world. Tap into a continuous pipeline of public location-based and location-inferred data on the surface web, social media and the dark web.

Protect your online digital brand to prevent the loss of revenue & customer trust. Track the web for brand abuse., fraudulent domains, fake social media profiles, traffic diversion and other threats to your brand.

Mitigate the risk of organizational digital transformation and a digital presence. Spot external threats and data exposures before bad actors attack and exploit your external digital attack surface.