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What's new on the Web?

Start your DigitalStakeout to find out

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Effortlessly monitor the web for the latest updates, trends, and risks, ensuring you stay ahead and make informed decisions & share critical information faster.

AI-Powered Content Detection across 16 Classes of Risk & 225+ Event Types

In 2023, DigitalStakeout customers analyzed over 4.52 billion web records from more than 87.86 million unique sources, enhancing their continuous monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Trusted by risk professionals across all markets


Effortless Efficiency

You can say goodbye to endless manual searches and hello to streamlined monitoring that puts critical information at your fingertips instantly.


Unmatched Coverage

You'll never miss a beat with our comprehensive coverage, ensuring you're always in the know about the latest events and trends impacting your world.

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Stay Ahead, Act Faster

Whether it's spotting security threats, tracking brand mentions, or seizing opportunities, stay a step ahead, enabling smarter decisions and faster responses.

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