Detect and mitigate online threats to people, places and brand.

The DigitalStakeout platform combines content collection, machine learning, security analytics and workflow automation into a single platform.


Comprehensive Coverage to Detect and Mitigate Risk

In an increasingly transparent world with growing third-party scrutiny, how your organization manages genuine and perceived risks impacts customer experience, corporate reputation, and the bottom line. DigitalStakeout enables you to detect and mitigate online threats to your organization’s people, places and brand.







Generate Actionable Digital Threat Intelligence

» Detect and mitigate threats on the surface, social, and dark web
» Gain insights through advanced analytics powered by machine learning
» Reduce alert fatigue and save time with smart discovery and alerting
» Get expert support to assist you with course of action and remediation

DigitalStakeout is an analytics solution used by security and risk management teams that need to detect and mitigate threats on the the surface web, social media and the dark web.

digitalstakeout physical threat detection

DigitalStakeout and the NH-ISAC Partner to Extend Healthcare Industry Security Resilience

Build Security Resilience with DigitalStakeout

  • Monitor

  • Analyze

  • Alert

  • Respond

  • Learn

  • Integrate

We make each step faster, easier, and more effective to protect what matters to you.

Regain Control

Regain control of an expanding digital footprint and simplify the digital threat intelligence process by monitoring the surface, social and dark web in one solution.

Gain Insights

Gain insights through advanced analytics powered by machine learning to detect external risk events, triage in real-time situations and improve your security resilience.

Build Resilience

Dramatically reduce alert fatigue and facilitate risk management across operational, physical, and cyber divisions with smarter discovery and prescriptive alerts.

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