digitalstakeout information discovery on social media and dark web
We protect your brand, employees, assets and reputation by alerting you to threats visible on social media, blogs, forums and the dark web.
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Your Challenge

The exponential growth of content on social media and the dark web make organizations more vulnerable to a new class of threats. Many organizations either lack the expertise or resources to build internal tools to manage this risk. The lack of visibility into emerging threats on these digital channels results in untenable damage.


Our Solution

DigitalStakeout protects employees, assets and reputation by monitoring, analyzing and alerting organizations to threats visible on social media and the dark web. DigitalStakeout has the broadest digital data visibility, highest quality automated analysis, and the expert support to guide you from detection to mitigation.

Coverage on Websites, Social Media, Blogs, Forums & Dark Web

DigitalStakeout supports a range of public data sources from the surface web, social media and dark web. With over a billion unique sources of data, we have the most diverse data support in the industry. We give you the ability to detect and act on what is important from the real the source.

“DigitalStakeout has an extremely flexible data model capable of aggregating information from a broad set of digital channels — including several dark web sources — and automatically applying a nearly limitless set of metadata and classifiers.”


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New: Domain Threat Monitor

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