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Real-time Threat Intelligence to Protect What Matters Most

DigitalStakeout is for security professionals who need global real-time threat intelligence to detect, assess and mitigate security threats to people, facilities and operations.


You Need Continuous and Actionable Threat Intelligence to Mitigate Persistent Physical Security Threats

Organizations have a responsibility to protect what matters most – people, facilities and operations.  The digital world contains key data points detected by our automated threat detection technology and vetted by our subject matter experts to provide real-time intelligence alerts.  These alerts, focused on mitigating risks to loss of life, violence, destruction of property, loss of revenue and negative reputation, allow organizations to act efficiently and effectively.  The ability to mitigate these risks impacts perceived organizational success.

We work with organizations that require executive protection, location protection and other physical security needs that require actionable threat intelligence to mitigate risk and protect reputation.  Our customers receive real time threat intelligence alerts collected from millions of data points and vetted by our team of experts to act and protect their people, facilities and operations.

Websites, Domains & Pages

Social Media & Dark Social

News, Blogs, Forums, & Reviews

Deep Web & Dark Web

Internet of Things (IoT)

Digital Infrastructure

& more…

Real Time Threat Detection & Risk Analytics

Diversify your overall protection strategy by obtaining threats from digital sources such as social media, forums, blogs, deep web and dark web. Get real time threat intelligence alerts sourced from our reach from millions of data points and collated by our subject matter experts to enable you to mitigate risks to your people, facilities and operations.

Respond & Mitigate Organization Risk

Get in-depth threat intelligence tailored to your organization.  Respond to our real time threat intelligence alerts and mitigate risks to loss of life, violence, destruction of property, loss of revenue and negative reputation.

Why You Need DigitalStakeout Now

Monitor all your digital & physical footprint

Focus your resources where they are needed most and let our expert team ensure your organization’s digital and physical footprint are accounted for and monitored from millions of data points.

Improve the speed of threat response

Receive our real time intelligence alerts curated with our threat detection technology and vetted by our team of experts to improve the speed and effectiveness of your response.

Protect your people, facilities, operations, reputation and the bottom line

Respond to our vetted intelligence alerts to mitigate risk.

DigitalStakeout partners with the H-ISAC to deliver monitoring to 250+ healthcare brands.

Many healthcare organizations struggle to keep up with the vast amounts of digital data being created and shared to identify and mitigate risks to their organization. This exponential growth of digital content and digital footprint make healthcare organizations more vulnerable to a new class of threats and heighten existing risk. DigitalStakeout and the H-ISAC have partnered to incubate digital risk mitigation capabilities in the healthcare industry.

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Customer Success Stories

Read real-life examples how our customers are using the DigitalStakeout Platform to detect and mitigate risk to their organization with threat intelligence.

Media Company Discovers Intellectual Property on the Dark Web

A content production analyst of a major media company uses Scout to detect a pre-release copy of a movie production leaked on the dark web.

Healthcare Company Mitigates Medical Device Information Leak

A healthcare company discovers proprietary medical device information with Scout (critical, life saving medical devices) exposed on the dark web.

Energy Company Discovers Chief Executive Officer Imposter Account

An energy company uses Canvass to discover their Chief Executive Officer has an active imposter account on social media engaging unsuspecting followers.

College Mitigates Threat by Detecting Manifesto on the Deep Web

A college security team uses Scout to detect the presence of an unknown manifesto with an imminent threat stated to perform a mass shooting.

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