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Protect What Matters Most

Defend your enterprise digital footprint with external threat protection to mitigate risk to your reputation, brand, employees and customers.

Secure Your Digital Footprint & Mitigate Third-Party Risk

external threat protection and threat intelligence

Keep Pace with Threats to Your Digital Footprint
There is exponential growth of content pertaining to your organization on the Internet. All of it needs to analyzed for threats to your organization, brand or customers.

Mitigate Direct Threats and Mitigate Third-Party Risk
Missing a direct external threat to your organization, third-party or sub-processor will result in harmed customers, reputation damage or financial losses.

Welcome to a Differentiated Experience
You get transparency, user-defined capabilities and expert support to defend your digital footprint. We’ll assist you through setup, triage, analysis and remediation.

Organizations Who Trust DigitalStakeout

GM Financial
  • “I’ve reduced the time and effort needed to discover physical and cyber threats with a purpose-built tool that can monitor and analyze social and dark web data.”
  • “Our analysts can work together seamlessly and efficiently in one tool to conduct investigations and to monitor for physical and cyber threats.”  
  • “I now have visibility into threats external to the organization that I need to mitigate competitive, regulatory and technological risks to our global enterprise.”
  • “Using this tool, we mitigate and recover quicker from incidents that do occur, protect our brand and reputation and take efforts to prevent costly regulatory sanctions, operational disruption, and revenue loss.”  
  • “This technology helps protects our IP and key personnel. Investing in this technology helps prevent incidents that would result in serious financial losses and damage to our company’s brand and value.”  

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