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Keeping your online presence secure and being aware of physical and cyber threats in real-time is more important than ever. Protect your customer experience and reputation. Don’t wait to start your DigitalStakeout.
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Your Challenge

Today’s culture of “now” requires you to use social media to conduct business, engage with your audience and build customer trust.  The velocity and veracity of information on social media means your organization will face the threat of imposters, hacks, scams and data leaks. A desire to be engaged, translates to insecure practices by your employees which will trigger attacks. Your customer experience will be harmed by unmitigated, bad actors who will disrupt business operations and damage your valuable reputation.


Our Solution

We provide total digital risk protection. Our platform enables you to protect your Customers, Employees and Brand by managing physical risk, cyber risk, business risk and public safety risk on social media, the dark web and other digital channels. DigitalStakeout provides the industry’s broadest data visibility, most comprehensive threat detection and expert support to assist you with managing digital risk. Don’t wait a minute longer; learn more about our digital risk protection products.

Coverage on Websites, Social Media, Blogs, Forums & Dark Web

DigitalStakeout supports a range of public data sources from the surface web, social media and dark web. With over a billion unique sources of data, we have the most diverse data support in the industry. We give you the ability to detect and act on what is important from the real the source.

“DigitalStakeout has an extremely flexible data model capable of aggregating information from a broad set of digital channels — including several dark web sources — and automatically applying a nearly limitless set of metadata and classifiers.”


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