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Defend your Attack Surface

Every day, there is more data about your organization on the Internet. Detect and fix what threat actors may find and exploit before they do.


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Take Action on Threats in Real-time

Be the first to know about a emerging threat. Act faster with real-time threat detection on social media, the dark web and other digital channels.


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Correlate Your Security Data

You have a treasure trove of internal data, use it to protect your organization. Integrate your internal data to create a complete view of digital risk.


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digitalstakeout hisac partnership

Providing the Healthcare Industry with Tools to Mitigate Threats

DigitalStakeout is investing in enhancing the healthcare industry’s ability to improve the resilience of the nation’s healthcare and public health critical infrastructure. DigitalStakeout is contributing its security intelligence capabilities to H-ISAC’s Shared Services to support the vulnerable healthcare community of members who may lack the resources for obtaining these tools.


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Why Do I Need a Security Intelligence Solution?

Immediately reduce risk of revenue or operational disruption due to an external exposure.
Extend your security stack protect against external threats.

Fill visibility gaps and mitigate operational blind spots that require threat intelligence.
Increase the speed to knowledge of an emerging threat that will impact your organization

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Security Threat Intelligence Resources

Get the latest updates, research, news, and events from the DigitalStakeout team.

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