Digital Risk Intelligence, Protection & Response


Protect employees, customers, brand and assets with real-time digital risk intelligence, protection & response from DigitalStakeout.

Real-Time Intelligence for the Ukraine Russia War

There is a lot of noise and misinformation in the fog of war. Learn how DigitalStakeout customers are tapping into the Twitter firehose to maintain real-time situational awareness and receive alerts only from verified sources.

Digital Risk Intelligence, Protection & Response

DigitalStakeout provides real-time visibility, analytics, and workflow capabilities encompassing billions of structured and enriched data points from the surface web, social media, dark web, and Internet and enabling limitless security and risk management applications.

Brand & Domain Protection

Protect your digital brand and domains  from  fraud, abuse, phishing and cyber criminals.

Third-Party Risk Management

Manage and monitor risks posed by your third-party vendors and operational supply chain.

Digital Risk Protection

Use proactive intelligence-driven processes to detect and mitigate risks to your digital business.

Executive Protection

Assure the digital security and privacy of employees, executives and organizational assets.

Attack Surface Management

Discover digital assets across the web and reduce cyber risk to your external digital attack surface.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor dark web sites and forums to gain real-time insights into nefarious and extremist chatter.

Critical Event Detection

Web intelligence to detect critical events and scenarios that indicate risk to people, brand and assets.

Open Source Intelligence

Create your own OSINT capability from our web, social, alt-tech, dark web and Internet data & analytics.

Location Based Intelligence

Physical security intelligence at locations and events to protect employees, customers and assets.


High performance organizations recognize the need to identify, know, fix, and resolve risk events.

DigitalStakeout is trusted by leading brands and organizations across all markets.

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