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    Real Time Threat Intelligence for Threat Hunters

    DigitalStakeout is for security and risk professionals needing data from the web to discover and disrupt external threats.

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DigitalStakeout is the cloud-based security intelligence platform that delivers comprehensive data from the web to detect & investigate information. While today’s threats are increasingly sophisticated and damaging, DigitalStakeout offers a simple and cost-effective way to gather information, hunt for threats, curate threat intelligence to take action to disrupt and manage external risk.

Brand & Marketing

Improve digital risk management. Brand monitoring for digital threats and risk events to your organizational reputation and digital assets.

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Corporate Security

Discover executive social mentions and online brand mentions to maintain awareness to protect what’s most important.

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Cyber Security

Proactively monitor the web for intelligence on threat actors, new vulnerabilities and hunt threats to improve organizational security posture.

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Hundreds of security and risk professionals spend 80% less time discovering and curating actionable intelligence with DigitalStakeout Scout compared to any other solution.

It takes three simple steps to save time and effort discovering threats to what you are trying to protect.

Setup and organize all your data feeds with DigitalStakeout Scout monitors.

Create filters to cut out noise and alerts to tag what’s most important.

Investigate and triage threats. Share important discoveries with your team and organization.

Organize all your information discovery in one place.

Create feeds to monitor for security and risk relevant information from the web and our proprietary data sets. Create precision feeds of information to detect events and indicators that matter the most.

DigitalStakeout Scout is a simple cloud-delivered tool for security and risk pros to track and discover information from the Web.

DigitalStakeout Scout is trained with AI to detect what’s important.

DigitalStakeout automatically detects important content so you don’t have to casually browse & manually search a sea of data. We automatically enrich your feeds, add context fields to content and illuminate your data. Our machine learning algorithms automatically classify your data feeds into 25+ security and risk categories with best-in-class accuracy.

DigitalStakeout makes it easier to curate actionable security & risk intelligence.

Setup and organize all your data feeds with DigitalStakeout Scout monitors.

Scout parses, normalizes, enriches and classifies your data.

Hundreds of out-of-the box algorithms spot important risk events.

Share important discoveries with your team and organization.

how digitalstakeout scout works to find actionable information for security and risk professionals

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