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Disseminate & Integrate OSINT

Distribute alerts and insights effectively with DigitalStakeout's broad OSINT dissemination features.

DigitalStakeout enhances the secure and prompt sharing of incidents, alerts, and intelligence reports, ensuring stakeholders receive critical information quickly. The platform enables seamless information dissemination from analysis by combining data compartmentalization with a customizable workflow and distribution rules engine. Users can share insights via real-time alerts, emails, exports, and reports and easily integrate with existing tools through a straightforward REST API.

OSINT Alerts

Setup Alerts with Extensive Filtering Options

Minimize alert fatigue and stay informed on critical discoveries with real-time alerting.

OSINT Dashboard

Create Custom Dashboards from 150+ Visualizations

Create custom dashboards with DigitalStakeout to enhance your understanding of your data and the threat environment.

Email Templates

Customize Email Alert Delivery

Maximize your operational efficiency with email alert templates, designed for customized intelligence sharing.

Integrate DigitalStakeout with Existing Tools

Seamlessly integrate DigitalStakeout into your existing toolkit with our user-friendly REST API.

OSINT Workflow

Deconflict & Scale Your Team Effort

Scale and streamline by automating tasks, tagging data and sharing information.

Get started, see DigitalStakeout Scout plans and pricing.

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