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DigitalStakeout Plans and Pricing

Simple pay as you scale pricing for any size organization.

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The most cost effective OSINT and threat intelligence solution to spot digital risks, external threats, and critical events.

DigitalStakeout Modular Pricing

DigitalStakeout is a modular OSINT platform. Unlike any other offering, you only pay for what product, features and services you use. This form of pricing enables you to deploy based on need and maturity without overpaying for data, features, and entitlements. As you scale the usage of components, per-unit pricing discounts will apply.

DigitalStakeout Scout Unlimited Features *

Once you subscribe to a feature, each user in your subscription gets unlimited access and use of the feature.

* Fair use policies for feature usage apply.

  • Unlimited Workflow Rules

  • Unlimited Alerts

  • Unlimited Dashboards

  • Unlimited Filtered Views

DigitalStakeout Scout Modules & Data Sources

Access to data sources & collection modules range from $99 to $1250/month. Request a quote for details.

Features, Entitlements and Services

Real-time Alerts - $50/month

Alert REST API - $50/month

Additional End Users - $60/month per month

Volume: Add Mentions - starting at 10K Mentions @ $12/month

On-Demand Analytics - $99/month

Team Workflow - $50/month

Services: Ongoing Support - starting at $500/month (4hrs/month)

Retention: Add Data Retention (Days) - starting at $.25/day

* Fair use policies for feature usage apply.


High performance organizations recognize the need mitigate cyber risk and defend against cyber adversaries with sophisticated and effective solutions. DigitalStakeout products are trusted by leading brands and organizations across all markets.

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