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Create Custom Dashboards from 150+ Visualizations


Create custom dashboards with DigitalStakeout to enhance your understanding of your data and the threat environment.

The DigitalStakeout Scout dashboard feature empowers users to create tailored, on-demand analytics for a deeper understanding of their data and threat landscape. Users can generate analytics for timeframes ranging from the last 15 minutes to the last 90 days, ensuring up-to-date information at their fingertips.

  • Granular to Top-Down View: Switch seamlessly between detailed and high-level perspectives, offering a comprehensive analysis of the data.

  • Custom Dashboards: Build personalized dashboards to visualize real-time activity across aggregated data, facilitating easier identification of trends and actionable insights.

  • Monitor Key Metrics & Alerts: Keep an eye on crucial metrics, analytics, and alerts, enabling users to take prompt action based on the information provided by the platform.

  • Pre-Defined Charts & Visualizations: Save time with access to over 100 pre-defined charts and visualizations, allowing users to focus on data analysis and decision-making rather than building visualizations from scratch.

Optimize your data analysis and decision-making with DigitalStakeout Scout's customizable OSINT dashboards. Gain deeper insights into your threat landscape and make informed decisions based on real-time analytics and visualizations tailored to your needs.

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