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AI-powered Event & Information Discovery

AI-Powered Event, Incident and Risk Detection across 16 Classes of Risk & 225+ Event Types

Physical Security Intelligence

Fortify physical security measures through the advanced analysis of threats to facilities, personnel, and assets, enhancing protective strategies and response capabilities.

Environmental Intelligence

Maintain awareness to environmental hazards through environmental content analysis, enhancing preparedness for and resilience to natural and artificial environmental threats.

Public Health Intelligence

Advance public health initiatives and response efforts through the strategic analysis of health data, identifying trends and outbreaks to protect community well-being.

Societal Intelligence

Navigate social dynamics and anticipate societal shifts through targeted analysis of societal data, fostering informed engagement and proactive policy development.

Military Intelligence

Gain strategic insights into military activities and threats through public data analysis, enhancing national security and operational planning.

Economic Intelligence

Leverage public-data insights to proactively navigate economic, financial, and market trends, identifying potential risks and uncovering strategic opportunities for growth.

Cyber Intelligence

Strengthen cybersecurity defenses through real-time monitoring and analysis of cyber threats, ensuring the protection of digital assets and infrastructure.

Legal Intelligence

Navigate the complexities of legal compliance and litigation risk through targeted legal data analysis, enhancing organizational governance and strategic planning.

Reputation Intelligence

Monitor and manage your organization's digital footprint through advanced analysis of online reputation data, ensuring brand integrity and positive public perception.

Public Safety Intelligence

Optimize emergency responses and community safety through comprehensive analysis of public safety data, identification of potential hazards, and enhancement of preventive strategies.

Geopolitical Intelligence

Uncover global risks and opportunities by analyzing geopolitical events and trends, guiding strategic decision-making and policy development.

Crime Intelligence

Proactively detect, analyze, and counteract criminal activities and threats through comprehensive data analysis, enhancing security measures and safeguarding assets.

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