Security Intelligence & Digital Risk Protection Products

Mitigate digital blind spots, build security resilience and improve threat response to external threats and cyber exposures.

DigitalStakeout Scout

DigitalStakeout Scout™ is the leading security intelligence tool to collect data from the surface web, social media, dark web and technical sources to illuminate and investigate external threats. DigitalStakeout Scout™ enables you to have visibility and control over the myriad of sources, content and events you have to collect, analyze to drive actionable intelligence into your existing security tools – so you can improve your organization’s security resilience, response and compliance.

DigitalStakeout Tools

Your first line of digital defense is simply knowing what intelligence an attacker may find about your organization’s digital footprint and attack surface, as well as what the attacker may be able to glean from that information. Once you identify this information, your and your team can determine if such information is benign or should be removed or altered to mitigate cyber exposures. With DigitalStakeout Tools you can freely search and analyze billions of data points of data to review the digital footprint and attack surface of any brand, domain, organization or network in the world through a simple to use web interface.

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