Unified visibility across external and internal data to mitigate business risk.

The DigitalStakeout platform enables you to create quickly establish a unified view of external and internal data so you can monitor and respond to critical events anywhere.

The DigitalStakeout Scout Platform

DigitalStakeout Scout™ is a real-time data analytics platform that enables you to aggregate external and internal information in a single tool with the ability to automatically correlate this data in a simple, web-based user interface. DigitalStakeout Scout enables you to have visibility and control over the myriad of sources, content, and events you have to collect, analyze to make better and faster decisions. Delivered as a web-based cloud solution, Scout comes with an easy-to-use search interface combined with powerful machine learning automation, deep learning algorithms, and advanced search capabilities. DigitalStakeout Scout will enable you to generate a comprehensive view of your risk landscape, visualize trends, and anticipate events based on your unique use case, concerns, and operating environment.

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Monitor For Critical Events

With DigitalStakeout Scout Monitors, you can build a customized critical event detection capability by creating a feed by collecting or connecting to the data you need to monitor.

Get Alerted in Real-Time

In today’s information cycles, you need to be the first to know of breaking event. Create alerts with minimal effort and reduce alert fatigue so you can focus on acting the most business relevant situations.

Search Your Data with Ease

Perform unified analysis on all of your monitor data or data from a single monitor. Search your real-time and historical monitor data by full-text search, by entity or by tags visually without having to learn a technical query language.

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