Intelligence Driven Security Platform

Cloud-Delivered Security

DigitalStakeout Securd™

When the pandemic struck, the world saw an unprecedented spike in cybercrime. As a result, the team at DigitalStakeout created a zero-trust protective DNS service. This proactive DNS security service reduces the chance of a system connecting to a malicious site by 90% and offers protection legacy DNS firewalls, and DNS filtering cannot offer. In less than 5 minutes of effort, IT and security teams can permanently take back control of what infrastructure threat actors can leverage. Prevent phishing attacks against employees, stop downloads ransomware on systems, and block command and control (C2) from maintaining a foothold on your network and cloud resources.

Security & Threat Intelligence

DigitalStakeout Scout™

In today’s threat landscape, cybersecurity and corporate security teams are overwhelmed with information or have blind spots to events that impact their customers, organization, supply chain, and industry. DigitalStakeout Scout enables security and risk professionals to reduce the time to meaningful and actionable alerting, dashboards, and security analytics from various sources on social media, the web, data APIs, cloud services, and system logs without the cost or complexity. Fully managed and hosted by DigitalStakeout, get visibility into the data you need, accelerate investigations, and make smarter intelligence-led security decisions.

OSINT & Data Discovery

DigitalStakeout Tools™

Bad actors are continuously collecting data on organizations and their targets. What can they discover, leverage, or exploit? DigitalStakeout is continuously scanning and crawling the web, social media, dark web websites, and internet infrastructure to answer these questions. DigitalStakeout Tools provide on-demand search to billions of sanitized, structured, and linked discoveries in real-time. Improve information discovery, accelerate security investigations, and reduce the risk of security exposure with DigitalStakeout Tools.

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