Critical Event and Risk Detection Platform

DigitalStakeout offers a revolutionary solution for organizations who want to use data from the Internet, social media, and the dark web to reduce organizational risk and protect their brand, employees and reputation.

Trusted by hundreds of organizations.

Security & Risk Detection

DigitalStakeout Scout™

Organizations are increasingly being overwhelmed with information or have blind spots to events that impact their customers, organization, supply chain and industry. DigitalStakeout Scout enables your organization to reduce the time to meaningful and actionable alerting, dashboards, and risk analytics from various sources on social media, the web, data APIs and cloud services without the cost or complexity. Fully managed and hosted by DigitalStakeout, get visibility into the data you need, accelerate investigations and make smarter intelligence-led risk management decisions.

OSINT & Data Discovery

DigitalStakeout Tools™

DigitalStakeout is continuously scanning and crawling the web, social media, dark web websites, and internet infrastructure to detect critical events for our customers. DigitalStakeout Tools provide on-demand search to billions of sanitized, structured and linked discoveries in real-time. Qualified organizations can subscribe to one or all of our data tools for your information discovery and incident response workflow needs.

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