Security & Risk Intelligence Platform

A security intelligence platform to manage digital risk, spot exposures and disrupt threats.

Organizations cannot rely on manual processes and analysis to identify and manage security risk. The data is too vast, the threats are dynamic, and the task is too complex. As your organization leverages new technology and cloud platforms to improve business processes, you also increase organizational risk. Our cloud-based security intelligence platform enables your organization to tackle a multitude of security challenges that require a combination of threat intelligence, business context and properly enriched data to identify the risk, remediate the vulnerability or disrupt the threat.

analyze open source dataDigitalStakeout Scout™

DigitalStakeout Scout enables your cybersecurity and corporate security team to stand up an open-source intelligence capability on-demand. Solve brand threat intelligenceprotective intelligence & executive protection, vulnerability and cyber threat intelligence, and digital risk protection challenges with a cloud-delivered security intelligence platform hosted and fully managed by DigitalStakeout.

DigitalStakeout Scout provides the data collection capabilities and analytics technology required to spot and disrupt your organization’s threats, vulnerabilities, and exposures. Using a simple web-based UI, you’ll have an on-demand security intelligence tool that enables your analysts to filter out noise, reduce alert fatigue, accelerate investigations, and make smarter intelligence-led security decisions. DigitalStakeout Scout platform, analysts are 80% more productive, and customers, on average, cut the total cost of ownership of a security intelligence capability by 40%.

  • Connect and continuously track layers of normalized and enriched data in a single platform.
  • Reduce information overload and alert fatigue with precision feed creation, filtering and noise reduction features.
  • Search and investigate on demand through all your aggregated real-time and historical data.
  • Build custom dashboards and visualizations to spot issues and gain insights into your use case.

Search and Investigate with OSINT ToolsDigitalStakeout Tools™

DigitalStakeout Tools provide on-demand search to the billions of digital artifacts, content, and posts we collect and use to deliver DigitalStakeout Scout solutions. DigitalStakeout’s data continuous coverage comes from a mix of proprietary collectors that DigitalStakeout scans, crawls, and extracts data from the web, social media, dark web websites, and internet infrastructure and is updated in real-time.

DigitalStakeout Tools are domain/content-specific search engines. End users can search and export structured and sanitized data. Qualified organizations can subscribe to these tools for their information discovery and security intelligence needs.

  • DigitalStakeout Canvass™ can perform web presence searches to discover accounts (authorized or unauthorized) that match your brand, company name, and personnel on 750+ social networks and websites.
  • DigitalStakeout Locus™ is a simple, location-based search tool that enables analysts to quickly search and filter public location-based social media and geo-inferred web content by location.
  • DigitalStakeout Chatter™ is a deep social and dark web search engine with an active index of millions of pages from hidden services and dark websites.
  • DigitalStakeout Footprint™ is a public attack surface search engine with 300 million registered domains and 1.5 billion+ hostnames, SSL/TLS certificates that shape the Internet with NS, A, MX, TXT, and other DNS records.

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