The DigitalStakeout Platform

The DigitalStakeout platform is a simple, cost-effective tool used by security teams of all sizes to mitigate common security intelligence and open source intelligence (OSINT) gaps.

DigitalStakeout Scout™

DigitalStakeout Scout™ enables security analysts to fill common security intelligence gaps with relevant and actionable information from real-time social media, 100+ million websites, and technical data collected daily from a billion+ sources on the web. Instead of trying to manage numerous open source intelligence tools and technologies, DigitalStakeout Scout is the most cost-effective way to address common external visibility gaps to manage and mitigate security risk. DigitalStakeout Scout performs data collection, parsing and normalization, security relevant data enrichment, automated threat detection and alerting all in one platform.

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DigitalStakeout Tools™

Before any attack (physical or cyber), reconnaissance is where any given threat actor is most likely to spend the majority of his or her time. After all, most attacks begin as some form or other of social engineering or intelligence gathering, thus requiring the attacker to collect and analyze detailed information on his targets. In today’s threat landscape, attackers use online footprints to develop targeting profiles of your assets from open-source data. The first line of defense is simply knowing what information an attacker may find, as well as what the attacker may be able to glean from that information. Once this information is identified, your security organization can determine if such information is benign or should be removed or altered. With DigitalStakeout Tools™, you can search and analyze digital footprint, people, places and digital exposures in simple to use web interface.

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