Maintaining reliable monitoring into active sites on the dark web is essential for organizations of every size to mitigate insider threats.

The dark web or darknet, a collection of encrypted onion sites, is host to conversations about drug and arms trafficking, illegal activities such as child pornography, bitcoin and money laundering activities, and hacker forums. Threat actors plan nefarious acts in closed forums to take steps to prevent detection of malicious conversations and behaviors. With dark web monitoring and analysis, analysts routinely identify trace clues to cyber attacks, insider threats, corporate espionage, fraud schemes, and data breaches back to “onionland.”

Due to the nature onion sites, the need for proxies into the Tor network, and onion routing, monitoring the dark web is time consuming and complex. Many struggle to identify and mitigate unseen emerging threats and instead triage incidents after the fact. Maintaining reliable insight into relevant activities in the dark web is essential for organizations of every size.

How DigitalStakeout can help

DigitalStakeout makes monitoring the dark web easier. Our clients are able to perform dark web monitoring 24 x 7 to discover and mitigate threats to your organization, third-parties, or clients. Our monitoring solution makes sense of emerging patterns and trends in the darknet. Our analytics capabilities narrate insights to help shape and inform decisions. Template analytics produce correlations, clusters, links, predictions and trends. With DigitalStakeout, make smarter decisions, mitigate risk, and discover opportunities to anticipate threats emerging from the dark web.

100+ proprietary algorithms automatically classify the data you collect to detect indicators of operational risk, physical risk, cyber risk and privacy risk.

 Dark web monitoring and intelligence starts with comprehensive coverage to prevent blind spots.

  • Monitor 5,000+ dark web sites 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Automate discoveries of vulnerabilities, suspicious behavior, and data leakage.
  • Configure custom rule based alerts to meet organizational needs.
  • Enable enhanced risk analysis to deliver meaningful insights from intuitive visualizations and entity analysis.