Threat Monitoring for Executive Protection

DigitalStakeout Scout is a digital threat detection solution for protective security firms, corporate executive protection teams and protective intelligence analysts to that need to assure the safety and security of executives, dignitaries, celebrities, athletes, musicians or high net worth individuals.

Detect risk on digital channels and take action before it turns physical.

Your protective measures may include home security systems, bodyguards, armored vehicles and vehicle scramble plans, mail screening, private jet travel, background checks for other employees, and other precautions. Threat intelligence and digital risk protection are now critical components of an executive protection & protective intelligence strategy.

With a dramatic increase of terrorism, kidnapping and extortion, digital monitoring mitigates risk introduced from digital channels. Get ahead of physical threats by mitigating cyber risk and improve situational awareness with real-time threat intelligence. Make executive protection using digital channels a priority.

Detect Imposter Accounts on Social Media

  • Fake LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and other social media accounts can go unaccounted for
  • Hackers can take over email accounts or create false email accounts posturing as top executives
  • Executive contacts can get tricked into sharing private and personally identifiable information with bad actors
digitalstakeout discovers physical threats associated to your people, places and brand.

Mitigate Directed Threats on Digital Channels

  • Many tools lack psycholinguistic analytics to ensure the delivery of credible, actionable threat information
  • Pinpointing the source of a credible threat without reference information or meta-data with slow threat mitigation & investigative workflow
  • Monitoring specific locations for potential dangers requires visibility across social media, forums, deep web and the dark web to prevent blind spots

Assure Online Personal & Family Safety

  • Personal and private information about an executive or family members can be posted online intentionally or unintentionally
  • Information about an executive or their family’s whereabouts can become socialized or inadvertently mentioned or tagged
  • Slander about an executive or their family can be posted to online and socialize if not taken down
digitalstakeout social media privacy alert

Advance & Travel Security Intelligence

  • Bad actors gain access to travel information from oversharing of content and travel calendar
  • Civil unrest and breaking geo-political incidents can threaten executive safety and impede travel
  • Disease, natural disasters or unknown hazards can make for unsafe travel conditions

“DigitalStakeout allows us to efficiently perform unified monitoring of a disparate set of digital sources. DigitalStakeout’s automated threat detection algorithms advance our capability to efficiently manage and mitigate client threats.”

Jordan Arnold, Head of Private Client Services – K2 Intelligence

Instant Notification

Real-time alerting informs you when threats arise. Be aware so you can respond to protect your assets and take mitigating action.

Automated Detection

Our software automatically detects privacy exposures that impact the safety of protectees and physical threats that are mentioned on social media and the dark web.

Expert Support

Executive protection situations sometimes get complicated. Get expert support on how to mitigate risk and address dynamic situations.

Executive Protection with DigitalStakeout

DigitalStakeout provides you the tool required to detect threats and hazards from billions of sources. Intuitive investigative tools make it easy for non-technical users to perform searches and review information.

  • Get real-time coverage of social, deep web, and dark web sources.
  • Automate alerting of incidents and anomalies with user-configured criteria.
  • Search and filter with intuitive tools easy enough for non-technical use.
  • Get expert support to perform take downs of cyber threats.

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