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Social Media Monitoring & Investigation

Beyond Monitoring: Comprehensive & Intelligent Social Media Investigations

Your Challenge

You face a daunting challenge as an experienced analyst. With social media platforms evolving into an explosive hub of conversations, gleaning valuable insights and detecting potential threats has become like finding a needle in a haystack. The tools at your disposal could be better, delivering fragmented insights and leaving you playing catch-up in a race where being proactive is key.

The answer? A more comprehensive, strategic, and proactive approach to navigating the social media landscape.

Total Social Media Coverage

Collect, enrich, and investigate intelligence from both social and alt-social networks in order to compile a comprehensive view of what's being said across the vast array of social media outlets.

Generate Team Alerts

Extensive filtering and data tagging allow you to create sophisticated alerts for team members you specify. Focus on high probability events and enable collaboration for rapid assessment, reporting, and resolution.

Capture Critical Evidence

Conduct e-discovery investigations across the surface web, deep web, and dark web, capturing, annotating, and archiving intelligence as evidence right from your browser.

A complete solution for tracking, assessment, and investigations

Conduct e-discovery investigations across the surface web, deep web, and dark web, capturing, annotating, and archiving intelligence as evidence right from your browser.



DigitalStakeout is trusted by leading brands and organizations across all markets.

Learn more about a specific solution capability.

Solution Capabilities

DigitalStakeout's modular platform delivers a best-in-class solution that aligns to your specific needs.

Browser Extension

DigitalStakeout Archiver is a powerful browser extension for Edge, Firefox and Chrome, built to augment the capabilities of DigitalStakeout's OSINT and threat intelligence platform. This feature bolsters your collection, documentation, investigation, and web archiving capabilities.

Profile Tracker

Save time from manually reviewing accounts across multiple tools and platforms. Profile Tracker enables you to monitor and track public social media profiles across multiple online platforms in one place.

Translated Content

Effortlessly Understand Global Content with DigitalStakeout's Automatic Translation Feature using Google Translate

Keyword Monitor for Social Media

Stay Up-to-Date with DigitalStakeout's Content Discovery Feature for Social Media: Monitor Millions of Public Posts for Relevant Information

Keyword Monitor for Blogs

Stay Up-to-Date with Content Discovery for Blogs: Monitor Millions of Blog Posts for Relevant Information

PII Monitor

Protect Employee Privacy and Security with DigitalStakeout's Personal Information (PII) Monitor

RSS Monitor

Track Information from any RSS/Atom Feed with DigitalStakeout's Automated RSS Feed Monitor

Sentiment Analytics

Gain Insights through Deep Sentiment Analysis, Hate and Volatility Context Classification Feature to Spot High Risk Content


Search, Monitor and Track Relevant Conversations and Data Across Multiple Platforms from the Surface Web, Social Media, and Dark Web

Word List Filters

Simplify Complex Boolean Queries with Reusable Word Lists: Quickly and Easily Create and Manage Search Criteria

Boolean Search

Efficiently Search and Discover Relevant Information with Advanced Data Search


Build Your Own Dashboards to Gain Insight into Your Data and Threat Landscape

People Search

Our People Search feature allows you to start with just a shred of information and unpack a wealth of insights. From an email address, social username, phone number, or delivery address, you can reveal a comprehensive online identity profile.

Automatic Keyword Translation

Expand Your Search Capabilities with Automatic Keyword Translation Powered by Google Translate

Social Presence Monitor

Continuously Discover Existing and New Social Media Accounts from 750+ Social Networks and Websites

Keyword Monitor for Dark Web

Uncover the Dark Web with DigitalStakeout's Dark Web Keyword Monitor: Monitor Dark Websites for Relevant Information

Keyword Monitor for News

Stay Up-to-Date with Content Discovery for News: Track Local, National and International News Content in Real-Time

Web Page Collector

Stay Ahead of Webpage Changes with Web Page Collector: Proactively Monitor and Extract Text Content from Any URL

Security and Risk Classification

Improve Security and Risk Management with Purpose-Built Classifiers that Spot and Classify Relevant Data into Security-Relevant Topics

Entity Extraction

Enhance Data Analysis with Automatic Extraction of People, Places and Things: Leverage 500+ Classes and 2,500+ Properties to Identify Over 5 Million Entities


Discover and Monitor a Person or Organization's Digital Footprint with Coverage on over 750 Websites and Social Networks


Scale and Streamline Operations with Purpose-Built Workflow: Automate Repetitive Tasks and De-Conflict Data to Increase Efficiency


Avoid Alert Fatigue and Stay Up-to-Date on Critical Events with Real-time Alerting

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