DigitalStakeout Scout continuously protects your digital brand from external threats and mitigates digital risk to your external attack surface.

Digital Brand Protection

Mitigate brand abuse and digital risk of fraudulent domains, fake social media profiles, phishing attacks, and the loss of revenue & customer trust with our digital brand protection solution.

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Protect Your Digital Brand

Malicious domains, fake social media accounts, and traffic diverting scams need rapid mitigation before revenue, reputation, and customer trust erodes. DigitalStakeout brand protection continuously safeguards your organization from threats to your online brand, social media, and digital presence. DigitalStakeout’s brand protection solution spots and alarms you about digital assets and customers engaged in fraud, scams, abuse, and exploits. When a threat is discovered, we help remediate the risk.

The world’s leading brands and organization trust DigitalStakeout.

Brand Protection Solutions

Real-time Brand Monitoring

Track your brand presence across the surface web, social media, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet.


Domain Monitoring

Detect and respond to malicious domains, phishing, brand abuse and copyright infringement.

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Marketplace Abuse Monitoring

Monitor online marketplaces for online counterfeiting and trademark infringement.

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Attack Surface Monitoring & Phishing Detection

Track emerging digital footprint and take down domains before they are weaponized.

Why Choose DigitalStakeout?


Real-time Visibility

The DigitalStakeout Scout platform enables the broadest access to your digital presence with continuous data from global digital footprinting technology. We offer proprietary visibility into your organization’s digital footprint with the least amount of noise and false positives.

Contextual Data

We leverage machine learning, artificial insight, and the correct data for the problem. Our proprietary technology approach discovers threats to your organization faster than legacy brand protection services or inferior solutions that over-sell their visibility and capabilities.

Expertise & Support

Brand protection is a collaborative effort that requires constant adaption and continuous improvement. Our customer success team helps customers through every stage of their process and brand protection journey. When a digital threat is discovered, we perform takedowns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is brand protection software?

Digital brand protection software solutions and services protect your digital brand from online external threats such as fraud, abuse and exploits from nefarious actors and cyber criminals.

What is the best brand protection solution?

The best brand protection solution rapidly detects and mitigates threats to your brand. It also provides data, metrics, and insights to support intelligence-driven decisions that provide you with the direction to make your brand more resilient to digital risk.

How does a brand protection software work?

  • We baseline your brand footprint and external attack surface to take down easy wins.
  • Our platform monitors for new external digital threats and exposures.
  • We create workflow rules to alert attributes based on use cases and risk.
  • You measurably reduce organizational risk based on business priority and impact.
  • We help you investigate, take down and adapt continuous monitoring for new threats.

Why invest in a brand protection solution?

Unmitigated brand attacks in an unacceptable time window results in tangible damage and revenue losses. Having a brand protection solution disrupts adversaries and bad actors of taking advantage of your brand in the marketplace. At a minimum, the ROI of a solution is 8 times the losses incurred without mitigation.

What are common digital risks to a brand?

  • Inconsistent brand presence
  • Look-alike & typo squat domains
  • Brand abuse and online fraud
  • Online traffic diversion
  • SEO poisoning and hijacking
  • Phishing campaigns
  • Fake social media profiles

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