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Digital Threat Detection

Utilize DigitalStakeout's cutting-edge threat intelligence capabilities to detect and mitigate cyber threats proactively, ensuring robust digital security and incident prevention.

The Need for External Digital Threat Detection

Challenge: Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, often bypassing traditional security measures. Analysts need advanced solutions to proactively identify these threats before they materialize into breaches.

Pain Point: The lack of predictive threat intelligence means organizations often find out about breaches after they have occurred, leading to costly damages. Analysts need cutting-edge tools to predict and prevent cyber threats.

Cast the Net Wide

Harvest data from over 25 million OSINT sources across the surface web, deep web, and dark web. Ensure that you don't miss a potential threat regardless of where it has been posted or discussed.

See the Signal in the Noise

Leverage automated enrichment and tagging as well as filtering and alerting to instantaneously sift through aggregated data intelligence and zero in on the insights, threats, and evidence that are relevant to you.

Organize for Ongoing Analysis

Maintain access to a time-based knowledge base of actionable intelligence that is continuously available to you for investigations, benchmarking, and trend analysis.

Take Proactive Measures Against Threats

DigitalStakeout provides an essential platform for organizations with a need to protect their stakeholders, maintain trust with customers, and ensure the continuity of business operations. To achieve all these objectives, it takes a sophisticated platform capable of amassing the knowledge base of data needed to ensure that security analysts don't miss a possible clue, while simultaneously enriching and delivering that same data as true intelligence in an efficient and targeted way.

It's not just a's a game-changer designed to evolve with your needs as you seek to keep your business safe and secure in the face of constant digital transformation. Its module architecture results in the implementation of a solution tailor made for your specific circumstances and needs.



Learn more about a specific solution capability.

Solution Capabilities

DigitalStakeout's modular platform delivers a best-in-class solution that aligns to your specific needs.

Browser Extension

Improve your ability to collect, document, investigate, and archive web content with a browser extension.

Google Ads Monitor

Protect your brand from advertising threats on Google Ads with DigitalStakeout's Google Ads Monitor.

Port Scanner

Secure your network and manage your external attack surface with DigitalStakeout's Port Scan Monitor.

Translated Content

Effortlessly Understand Global Content with DigitalStakeout's Automatic Translation Feature using Google Translate

Keyword Monitor for Dark Web

Discover insights from the dark web and discover information being posted on dark websites.

PII Monitor

Safeguard employee privacy and security by monitoring for exposed Personal Information (PII) with DigitalStakeout's PII Monitor.

Email Collector

Redirect emails or spam to a virtual inbox for intelligence gathering or consolidate subscribed emails and alerts for streamlined triage with DigitalStakeout.

Security and Risk Classification

Enhance your security and risk management with DigitalStakeout's purpose-built AI detection, adept at identifying and categorizing data into pertinent risk incidents.

Entity Extraction

DigitalStakeout auto-extracts entities—people, places, things—that identifies 5+ million entities.

Data Aggregation

Aggregate and consolidate data from various sources using DigitalStakeout's comprehensive data aggregation features.


Scale and streamline by automating tasks, tagging data and sharing information.


Create custom dashboards with DigitalStakeout to enhance your understanding of your data and the threat environment.

Profile Tracker

Streamline account reviews across various platforms with DigitalStakeout's Profile Tracker, enabling centralized monitoring of public social media profiles.

Google Search Monitor

Monitor and receive alerts for new results on Google Search with DigitalStakeout's Google Search Monitor.

Automatic Keyword Translation

Enhance your search experience with automated keyword translation via Google Translate, broadening your search capabilities.

Keyword Monitor for Social Media

Keep informed with DigitalStakeout's social media content discovery feature, tracking millions of public posts for critical information.

Domain Monitor

Safeguard your digital attack surface by identifying domains, hostnames, phishing, and typosquatting activities.

Webhook Collector

Enhance data accessibility using the Webhook Collector to push logs, events, content, or documents via webhooks.

Web Page Collector

Easily comprehend global content with automatic translation feature powered by Google Translate.

Sentiment Analytics

Spot high-risk content effectively with deep sentiment analysis and context classification features for hate and volatility.

Username Lookup | Social Media Profile Lookup

Utilize Canvass to search by username and find profiles across social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Word List Filters

Streamline complex Boolean searches using reusable word lists to efficiently define and manage search criteria.


Minimize alert fatigue and stay informed on critical discoveries with real-time alerting.

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