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Data Broker & PII Removal

Protect your employees' personal identifiable information (PII) with DigitalStakeout's comprehensive PII Removal Service. Reduce digital footprints, mitigate risks, and ensure ongoing privacy protection in an increasingly data-driven world.


Reduce Digital Footprint

We help individuals opt out of data broker websites, which sell personal information without individuals' consent. By using our service, you prevent employee personal data from being sold or shared without your permission.

Monitor for Changes

Many data broker sites do not honor permanent removals. DigitalStakeout will continuously track hundreds of data brokers and detect when information is re-exposed. When data is re-exposed, we immediately take action to help get the content offline.

Reduce Online Risk

By reducing the amount of personal information that is available online, you reduce your risk of identity theft, stalking, and spam. A smaller digital footprint makes it more difficult for nefarious actors to gather information about targets, which can make it harder for them to target individuals with scams or other cyber attacks.

"Ensuring our employee PII is minimized online with DigitalStakeout helps reduce the risk of individuals doxxing our clients." - Stephanie, CSO, Executive Protection

What is PII Removal?

DigitalStakeout's PII Removal Solution is an advanced service designed to identify, remove, and continuously monitor personal identifiable information across the internet. Our solution safeguards employees against risks such as doxxing, identity theft, and fraud by minimizing their digital footprint on data broker websites and other online platforms.

Benefits of PII Removal

  1. Enhanced Privacy Protection: Significantly reduce the risk of doxxing, stalking, and targeted cyber attacks

  2. Mitigated Identity Theft Risk: Limit the availability of personal data used in identity fraud

  3. Reduced Spam and Unwanted Solicitations: Minimize exposure to marketing lists and data aggregators

  4. Improved Organizational Security: Protect employees and, by extension, your organization from social engineering threats

  5. Ongoing Privacy Maintenance: Ensure long-term protection with continuous monitoring and removal services

Did you know that minimizing the online exposure of personal identifiable information (PII) can reduce the risk of doxxing by 70%?

Comprehensive Detection & Removal

How PII Removal Works

  1. Initial Scan: Conduct a comprehensive search for employee PII across the web

  2. Removal Process: Automatically initiate opt-out procedures with data brokers and websites

  3. Continuous Monitoring: Regularly scan for re-exposed information or new data breaches

  4. Alert and Action: Receive notifications and take immediate action on new PII exposures

Why Choose DigitalStakeout's PII Removal Solution?

  • Unmatched Coverage: We cover 1000+ websites, including surface web, social media, and deep web

  • Expert Support: Access a team of highly vetted former security professionals for personalized assistance

  • Customizable Protection: Tailor monitoring to specific types of personal data or targeted websites

  • Transparent Reporting: Gain insights through detailed, real-time discovery and removal status reports

  • Proven Effectiveness: Reduce the risk of doxxing by up to 70% through comprehensive PII management

Increase Your Security with Privacy Protection

With DigitalStakeout's PII Removal Solution, elevate your organization's approach to employee privacy and data protection. Our service provides the necessary tools and expertise to minimize digital footprints and safeguard personal information in an increasingly interconnected world.

Let's Get Started

Unlock the full potential of DigitalStakeout's comprehensive solutions!

Simply fill out the form below to schedule a personalized demo and discover how DigitalStakeout can help you threats across the surface web, social media, dark web, and the broader Internet to safeguard your digital attack surface.

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