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Location, Event, & Place Security

Enhance situational awareness with DigitalStakeout's location-based security solutions, monitoring real-time events and activities to secure places and ensure public safety.


Collect Location-Based Intelligence

Collect intelligence that's location-based and location-inferred across social media, surface web, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet.

Visualize Mapped Threat Intelligence

View threat data represented on digital maps that provide a real time depiction of emerging threats and allow you to vary the geospatial parameters in the course of your threat assessment.

Organize and Scale Your Threat Tracking

Leverage specialized platform monitors that are purpose-built to enable analysts to create automated, context-specific feeds from highly organized and structured data sources and map them for you.

"Real-time monitoring with DigitalStakeout allows us to respond to critical events at locations with more situational awareness." - Michael, Operations Manager, Public Sector

Protecting Locations and Events

DigitalStakeout’s Location and Event Protection solution equips your security team with the tools needed to ensure the safety of locations and high-profile events, providing extensive situational awareness and real-time data actionability.

Ensuring the security of a location, especially during high-profile events, requires extensive situational awareness and the ability to act on real-time data. DigitalStakeout offers a comprehensive approach to monitor and protect locations, ensuring continuous vigilance against potential threats.

Empower your security analysts with access to the data and monitoring technology needed to maintain situational awareness and secure places effectively. Our solution offers:

  • Robust Data Access: Gain visibility into a wide array of digital channels to detect potential threats to locations and events.

  • Real-Time Situational Awareness: Utilize powerful tools to receive and act on real-time data, ensuring proactive threat detection and response.

  • Advanced Filtering Technology: Reduce noise and focus on the most relevant threats, ensuring critical issues are not overlooked.

  • Immediate Alerts: Receive immediate notifications of potential security threats, allowing for swift action to protect locations and events.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Monitor social media, websites, forums, and other digital platforms to ensure all potential threats are identified and addressed.

With DigitalStakeout, enhance your ability to protect locations and events by providing your security team with the necessary tools and technology to stay ahead of potential threats and ensure public safety.

Did you know that real-time monitoring of locations can enhance situational awareness and reduce the risk of security incidents by 55%?

DigitalStakeout Enables a Location-Based Focus on Threats

DigitalStakeout satisfies a fundamental requirement for maintaining security: monitoring threats on a location basis. Here's why DigitalStakeout is the ideal choice for location-based protection:

Comprehensive Threat Mapping: Our platform aggregates digital intelligence and determines associated location data, providing a literal map of the threats posed to buildings, travel routes, and event locations. This detailed mapping allows for precise and effective threat management.

Proactive Threat Monitoring: DigitalStakeout Scout enables proactive monitoring of potential threats, ensuring that you can act swiftly to protect lives and assets. By identifying and addressing threats before they escalate, we help create a safer environment for everyone involved.

Enhanced Security Measures: With a focus on location-based threats, our platform ensures that security measures are tailored to specific areas of concern. This targeted approach enhances the overall effectiveness of your security strategy, providing robust protection where it is needed most.

Increased Situational Awareness: By providing real-time intelligence on location-based threats, DigitalStakeout Scout improves situational awareness for security teams. This enhanced awareness allows for more informed decision-making and better resource allocation, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Peace of Mind: Our proactive monitoring and detailed threat mapping create an environment where individuals can feel safe and secure in their day-to-day activities. Whether it's safeguarding buildings, travel routes, or event locations, DigitalStakeout Scout ensures that security is always a top priority.

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