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OSINT Collection & Analysis

Capitalize on DigitalStakeout's expertise in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis, extracting and refining information from publicly available sources for informed decision-making.

Capturing the Value of OSINT

Your Challenge: The vast amount of publicly available information can be a treasure trove for analysts and a daunting volume to collect and analyze for actionable intelligence.

Your Pain Point: The manual collection and analysis of OSINT could be more efficient and effective, often leading to missed opportunities for informed decision-making.


Collect intelligence from public social media, surface web, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet for mentions of your brand, planned actions, data leaks and doxxing online threats, and new exploits.


Tap into your collected data for risk insights, metrics, and data-driven decision-making. Build your dashboard and analytics to visualize OSINT data in real-time.


With extensive filtering and data tagging, you have full control over the criteria you define as a feed and an OSINT alert.

Why Choose DigitalStakeout Scout?

DigitalStakeout Scout provides an OSINT solution that gives businesses unified visibility by aggregating external and internal security data through a cloud-delivered solution. Unlike other vendors who typically offer OSINT visibility into a single scope of risks, DigitalStakeout Scout pulls together data from across a spectrum of sources, enabling customers to spot and pinpoint the most important threats impacting their organization.



Learn more about a specific solution capability.

Solution Capabilities

DigitalStakeout's modular platform delivers a best-in-class solution that aligns to your specific needs.

Browser Extension

Improve your ability to collect, document, investigate, and archive web content with a browser extension.

Automatic Keyword Translation

Enhance your search experience with automated keyword translation via Google Translate, broadening your search capabilities.

Keyword Monitor for Social Media

Keep informed with DigitalStakeout's social media content discovery feature, tracking millions of public posts for critical information.

Keyword Monitor for Blogs

Keep informed by tracking millions of blog posts for pertinent content through our blog content discovery feature.

Security and Risk Classification

Enhance your security and risk management with DigitalStakeout's purpose-built AI detection, adept at identifying and categorizing data into pertinent risk incidents.

Sentiment Analytics

Spot high-risk content effectively with deep sentiment analysis and context classification features for hate and volatility.

Entity Extraction

DigitalStakeout auto-extracts entities—people, places, things—that identifies 5+ million entities.

Data Aggregation

Aggregate and consolidate data from various sources using DigitalStakeout's comprehensive data aggregation features.

Word List Filters

Streamline complex Boolean searches using reusable word lists to efficiently define and manage search criteria.


Scale and streamline by automating tasks, tagging data and sharing information.


Uncover risk insights using Intelligent Discovery™ threat Spotter, which utilizes AI for incident discovery.


With multi-modal monitoring, efficiently track and analyze events from a diverse array of OSINT sources.


Create custom dashboards with DigitalStakeout to enhance your understanding of your data and the threat environment.

Saved Views

Enhance data analysis efficiency with saved Search-in-Search, offering streamlined access through saved filtering views.

Translated Content

Effortlessly Understand Global Content with DigitalStakeout's Automatic Translation Feature using Google Translate

Keyword Monitor for Dark Web

Discover insights from the dark web and discover information being posted on dark websites.

Keyword Monitor for News

Keep informed with real-time news content tracking across local, national, and international levels with News monitoring.

Data Tagging

Empower your data analysis with the flexibility of user-defined conditional data tagging, tailoring insights to your specific requirements.

Geo Enrichment

Improve data analysis through DigitalStakeout's geo-extraction and inferred geo-tagging capabilities for precise location insights.

Field Extraction

DigitalStakeout automatically normalizes and maximizes data into fields for efficient filtering and triage.

Geo Tagged Data

Maximize geo-tagged data utilization with DigitalStakeout's enriched location data, providing unparalleled visibility into precise geographical locations.


Seamlessly integrate DigitalStakeout into your existing toolkit with our user-friendly REST API.

Boolean Search

Optimize your information retrieval process using advanced data search to find relevant content effectively.

Data Enrichment

Improve workflows and situational awareness through automated data enrichment and entity extraction, enhancing your operational efficiency.


Minimize alert fatigue and stay informed on critical discoveries with real-time alerting.

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