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Unify All Your OSINT Data Collection

Data Aggregation

Aggregate and consolidate data from various sources using DigitalStakeout's comprehensive data aggregation features.

DigitalStakeout offers several options for collecting and aggregating data from existing applications to achieve a single view of important information. 

These options include:

  • RSS Feed Monitor: This tool regularly monitors and centralizes millions of RSS feeds, allowing users to track all of the content they want to follow in one place. To use the RSS Feed Monitor, all that is required is a valid URL to an RSS or ATOM feed.

  • Web Page Collector: This tool proactively polls webpages to detect content changes that require action. Users can add the URLs they want to monitor and DigitalStakeout will poll them on a regular basis, automatically extracting text content and table rows and feeding the results into DigitalStakeout.

  • Email Collector (Virtual Inbox): This tool provides the ability to send or forward emails to DigitalStakeout for collection and analysis. Users can configure their email gateway, email client, or existing security tool to forward emails to a virtual email, or use the Email Collector to aggregate subscribed emails and point alerts from other products to declutter their inbox.

  • Webhook Collector: This tool allows users to push text-based logs, events, content, or documents to DigitalStakeout using webhooks. This creates many options for leveraging applications and tools to expand the view of critical information.

  • Syslog Collector: This tool allows users to send single or multi-line text, content, or logs from any syslog source to DigitalStakeout. DigitalStakeout will automatically parse and spot information in the syslogs, just like any other data source.

These input sources provide a range of options for collecting and aggregating data from existing applications to achieve a single view of important information in DigitalStakeout Scout.

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