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Dark Web Monitoring & Investigation

Illuminating the Threat: A Solution for Dark Web Monitoring & Investigations

Your Challenge

You confront an ever-evolving challenge. The hidden corners of the dark web are notoriously elusive and fraught with potential threats. Traditional tools at your disposal are not ideal in this environment, leaving you with fragmented insights and a reactive stance in a place where being proactive is everything.

It’s time for a tool fit for the challenge – one that will give you the visibility you need to a secretive and constantly changing space.

Track Critical Mentions

Automatically collect, enrich, tag, and aggregate relevant threat intelligence from the deep and dark web in order to compile a time-based archive of intelligence.

Alert to Probable Threats

Use the extensive filtering and data tagging features to create sophisticated alerts for the team members you specify. Enable collaboration on high probability events in to ensure a rapid response and assessment.

Capture Targeted Evidence

Investigate targeted areas of the dark web more deeply with your browser Archiver that captures, annotates, and archives text and image evidence with the click of your mouse.

Simplify Monitoring & Investigating the Deep and Dark Web

Investigate targeted areas of the dark web more deeply with your browser Archiver that captures, annotates, and archives text and image evidence with the click of your mouse.



DigitalStakeout is trusted by leading brands and organizations across all markets.

Learn more about a specific solution capability.

Solution Capabilities

DigitalStakeout's modular platform delivers a best-in-class solution that aligns to your specific needs.

Browser Extension

DigitalStakeout Archiver is a powerful browser extension for Edge, Firefox and Chrome, built to augment the capabilities of DigitalStakeout's OSINT and threat intelligence platform. This feature bolsters your collection, documentation, investigation, and web archiving capabilities.

Translated Content

Effortlessly Understand Global Content with DigitalStakeout's Automatic Translation Feature using Google Translate

Security and Risk Classification

Improve Security and Risk Management with Purpose-Built Classifiers that Spot and Classify Relevant Data into Security-Relevant Topics

Entity Extraction

Enhance Data Analysis with Automatic Extraction of People, Places and Things: Leverage 500+ Classes and 2,500+ Properties to Identify Over 5 Million Entities

Word List Filters

Simplify Complex Boolean Queries with Reusable Word Lists: Quickly and Easily Create and Manage Search Criteria


Avoid Alert Fatigue and Stay Up-to-Date on Critical Events with Real-time Alerting

Automatic Keyword Translation

Expand Your Search Capabilities with Automatic Keyword Translation Powered by Google Translate

Keyword Monitor for Dark Web

Uncover the Dark Web with DigitalStakeout's Dark Web Keyword Monitor: Monitor Dark Websites for Relevant Information

Sentiment Analytics

Gain Insights through Deep Sentiment Analysis, Hate and Volatility Context Classification Feature to Spot High Risk Content


Search, Monitor and Track Relevant Conversations and Data Across Multiple Platforms from the Surface Web, Social Media, and Dark Web


Scale and Streamline Operations with Purpose-Built Workflow: Automate Repetitive Tasks and De-Conflict Data to Increase Efficiency


Build Your Own Dashboards to Gain Insight into Your Data and Threat Landscape

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