Digital Risk Insight 

Protecting people, places, and brands with the most advanced digital risk management tools in the industry.

Known and unknown threats pose serious risks to employees, stakeholders, and corporate reputation, the primary factors driving the success of every organization. The number of potential threats has increased in proportion to the vectors by which malicious actors can target organizations in every sector and industry. Organizations simply cannot rely on manual processes and analysis to identify and manage external risk effectively. The threat data are too vast and risks too dynamic and complex.

Digital Risk Management Solutions

Within big data, patterns and norms emerge to make it possible to identify of anomalous behavior and even early indicators of social, health, and environmental incidents. This creates an opportunity for risk analysts and safety and security officers to identify nefarious schemes, uncover perpetrators of crimes, and protect sensitive targets. Automated monitoring for cyber and physical risk in the digital world expands visibility and radically improves access to actionable, advanced threats before events occur in the real world.

Core Capabilities 

  • Deepen monitoring capabilities with real-time coverage of social, surface, deep, and dark digital channels in a single software platform.
  • Expand visibility into physical, cyber, and brand threats by leveraging digital data.
  • Save time with built-in use cases to perform automated discoveries of threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Enhance risk analysis with intuitive and meaningful visualizations of threat and risk data.

executive cyber protection to protect geo-location disclosure

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Intelligence Led Security

Proactive & Predictive Capabilities

Our digital risk management solutions leverage our power Digital Risk Intelligence software. Cutting edge tools, processes, and methods of analysis enable proactive capabilities to address dynamic security risk. Our solution is a scalable, sophisticated and evolves in the method of collecting, processing and analyzing public data sourced from the Internet including but not limited to social media, surface web, deep web and dark web sources.

digitalstakeout intelligence led security maturity model


A Practical Approach

Our approach is practical, economical and breaks the barriers of cost, quality and complexity. We leverage machine learning automation; deep learning algorithms and advanced search capabilities supported by research and data science to identify threats. Along with its sophistication, our solution and team never looses sight of obvious simple ways threats arise and how nefarious actors evade detection. We also understand most of our customers will not have the skills and resources we have. Our sophistication is delivered with simplicity that conveys value and drives adoption.

A Centerpiece Solution

Because we can leverage the power of cyber data “at scale” and in the context of risk being managed, DigitalStakeout becomes a centerpiece capability to identify and mitigate threats posed by the nefarious actors known and unknown. With DigitalStakeout, our customers are constantly evolving and adapting to threats at the speed of change, discovering the unknown unknowns and the non-obvious is in plain sight.