Digital Risk Protection

Defend your digital transformation from external exposures and external threats with digital risk protection.


We continuously monitor social media, surface web and dark web for digital risks that can erode security, trust, revenue or reputation.


Our proprietary meta-data entity extraction technology spots unseen threats to detect the maximum amount of digital risk exposures possible.


DigitalStakeout will perform automated, email-driven or manual requests to take down domains, websites, URLs or social media entities enabling digital risk.

Digital Risk Protection

Digital risk incidents require a rapid response before revenue, reputation, and customer trust erodes. DigitalStakeout digital risk protection continuously safeguards your organization by monitoring signs of vulnerability, threats, and exposures. DigitalStakeout’s automated monitoring and risk analytics will spot and alarm you about the risks that impact your organization.

DigitalStakeout rapidly detects external risks and enables your organization to respond to incidents to minimize organizational disruption and financial losses. Our modular solution encompasses dark web monitoring, cyber threat intelligence, attack surface management, brand protection, and critical event detection, all in one digital risk protection capability. Unlike other digital risk protection solutions, DigitalStakeout offers risk intelligence capability to create risk signals that indicate a threat to your organization from third-party vendors and the supply chain.


Features & Capabilities

Digital Global Visibility

DigitalStakeout maintains the broadest access to your digital presence with continuous data from our global digital footprint technology. We offer proprietary visibility into your organization’s digital footprint with the least amount of noise and false positives.

Contextual Data Sources

We leverage machine learning, artificial insight, and the correct data for the problem. Our proprietary technology approach discovers threats to your organization faster than legacy brand protection services or inferior solutions that over-sell their visibility and capabilities.

Expertise & Support

Digital risk protection and risk intelligence are collaborative efforts that require constant adaptation and continuous improvement. Unlike other solutions, we built our platform and solutions to expect that risk and threats are in constant change. With years of experience, our subject matter expert team will help you through every stage of your digital risk maturity and risk management journey.

"DNS firewalls could have mitigated one-third of the incidents we studied and could have prevented $10 billion in losses in those incidents. Furthermore, because it is likely that a protective DNS (PDNS) could have had a role in stopping one-third of all breaches"

THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF DNS SECURITY, Global Cyber Alliance - June, 2019


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