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A social media intelligence platform for analysts who require competitive advantage and need to connect the dots.

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Aggregate all your social data into one place.
We classify and filter data to present critical information.
Real-time & historical results with powerful analytics.

Real-time social data from millions of sources

24 x 7 x 365, we automatically collect, centralize, and normalize social data into one secure location where analysts can search, reduce and visualize social data to get answers to questions in seconds.

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tumblr social media intelligence
Disqus fire hose social media intelligence
facebook fire hose social media intelligence
Wordpress fire hose social media intelligence
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Instagram social media intelligence
YouTube social media intelligence
Bing social media intelligence
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RSS social media intelligence

Acquire competitive advantage and decision superiority

DigitalStakeout offers a solution to address every aspect of social media intelligence enabling a complete and unified social intelligence capability.

  • Built for social media risk and threat intelligence
  • Real-time monitoring and historical analytics
  • Access to Firehose data partners including Twitter, Tumblr, Disqus, WordPress
  • Search by geo-location, keywords, or meta-data
  • Complete control and flexible to support dozens of use cases
  • Real-time alert delivery of alerts via browser, email, or API

Here's a Few Features - There are Plenty More

  • No Hardware or Software Required
  • Autoscales Based on Load
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Real-time Metrics
  • Real-time Trending
  • Historical Metrics
  • Historical Analytics
  • Entity Level Analytics
  • Geo Location Analytics
  • Automated Workflow
  • Email Templates & Alerts
  • Automated Data Tagging
  • Team Comments & Logging
  • Incident Management
  • Case Management
  • Entity Based Correlation
  • Twitter, Tumblr, Disqus, WordPress
  • Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google+
  • RSS, Bing, Web Intelligence
  • Command Line Searches
  • Keyword, Hashtag & Mention Searches
  • Meta Data Searches
  • Geo-Inference Searches
  • Circular Geo Fence
  • Complex Polygon Geo Fence
  • Multiple Geo Fences
  • ESRI/Shapefile Import
  • Up to 7 Years of Rentention
  • Data Anti-tampering
  • Real-time Data De-duplication
  • Ad-Hoc Archive Search
  • Archive Search Capabilities: Boolean, Proprietary
  • Data Export: CSV, XML w/ Entities
  • Data Backup: Included
  • Site/Group/User Level Data Controls
  • Public Privacy Protections
  • Detailed User Activity Logging
  • Role Based Access Controls

Your reputation is on the line

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