Common External Threats to Your Organization

Every organization has external threats. Learn about the most common external threats you need to prioritize and mitigate.

What is an External Threat?

An external threat is a threat that originates externally to your organization. External threats come in many forms. Malicious threats come from bad actors or criminal groups or be a byproduct of a malicious event. Non-malicious threats are situations resulting from the actions of an individual or group with different interests or hazards that are a byproduct of a naturally occurring event.

External Threat Alerts

Today, organizational protection requires total situational awareness of the top risks that can harm or disrupt your organization. Nowadays, you must be proactive in monitoring these external risks to minimize the probability of disruption, losses, brand damage, and health and safety risks.

Let’s take a look at some of the necessary checkboxes you need to cover in a comprehensive risk intelligence strategy that properly protects your organization with 24 x 7 real-time coverage. You should have processes and feedback loops to detect, manage and close out these incidents.

Types of External Threats That Can Impact Your Organization

Below is a threat checklist of important threat alerts to monitor for and maintain situational awareness. These external threat events are not just common; there is a 100% probability one of these risk events will touch your organization.

  • Shelter-in-Place Incident

  • Hate Speech

  • Executive Threats

  • Brand & Reputation Incident

  • Supply Chain Disruption

  • Natural Disaster

  • Extreme Weather

  • Theft of Intellectual Property

  • IT Disruption

  • Infrastructure Failure

  • Cyber Attack

  • Utility/Power Outage

  • Geo-Political Incident

  • Act of Terror

Implementing an External Threat Detection Solution

Unfortunately, most open source intelligence software or service these days can do one or two of the above mentioned things. However, the solution needs to improve greatly in other areas. Most organizations must purchase a litany of software applications and invest time and effort to make them function properly.

With its multi-dimensional and scalable design, all risk events mentioned and the underlying causes and consequences are in scope for DigitalStakeout. With an osint for security technology, you’ll be able to understand and investigate incidents as they develop, not after the fact.

The DigitalStakeout platform handles the difficult tasks under the hood with minimal setup time. We help you build a continuous pipeline of new OSINT from the surface web, social media, alt-tech, and the dark web to support your security needs. The result is making precious time for you and your team to focus on keeping your people, brand, and assets safe.