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Online Risk Intelligence

Stay informed about emerging threats, potential risks, and critical incidents across the web. Our automated monitoring and analytics tools ensure you can respond swiftly and effectively.



Collect intelligence from social media platforms, the surface web, and other online sources for mentions of your brand, emerging threats, data leaks, and other online risks. Use automated tools to streamline data collection and ensure comprehensive coverage.


Access your collected data for valuable risk insights, metrics, and data-driven decision-making. Build custom dashboards and analytics to visualize online risk data in real-time, enabling you to identify trends and issues that require immediate attention.


With extensive filtering and data tagging, you have full control over the criteria you define for online risk alerts. Customize your alert criteria to suit your specific needs and ensure that critical information is promptly communicated to the right stakeholders.

"Staying ahead of emerging threats with timely and accurate data from DigitalStakeout has been a game changer." - Rachel, Risk Manager, Executive Protection

Capturing the Value of Online Risk Intelligence

DigitalStakeout’s Online Risk Intelligence solution equips your team with the tools to efficiently monitor and analyze the vast landscape of online information, including social media, the surface web, and other sources, to identify potential risks and opportunities.

The vast landscape of online information, including social media, the surface web, and other sources, can be a rich source of insights but also a daunting volume to monitor and analyze for potential risks. DigitalStakeout provides a comprehensive approach to gather and analyze this data, ensuring continuous vigilance against emerging threats.

Empower your analysts with access to advanced tools that streamline the tracking and analysis of online risks, enabling timely and informed responses. Our solution offers:

  • Comprehensive Data Monitoring: Gain visibility into a wide array of online sources to detect potential risks and threats.

  • Automated Risk Analysis: Utilize powerful automation tools to efficiently track and analyze online information, reducing the burden of manual efforts.

  • Real-Time Insights: Receive real-time insights into emerging risks, allowing for proactive threat detection and response.

  • Advanced Filtering Technology: Focus on the most relevant threats by utilizing advanced filtering tools that reduce noise and highlight critical issues.

  • Actionable Intelligence: Obtain detailed reports and analysis that provide clear, actionable intelligence for timely decision-making.

With DigitalStakeout, enhance your ability to capture the value of online risk intelligence by providing your team with the necessary tools and technology to stay ahead of potential threats and make informed decisions.

Did you know that organizations with timely and accurate risk intelligence can improve their threat management by 40%?

AI-Powered Event & Information Discovery

Leverage DigitalStakeout's AI-powered Event, Incident, and Risk Detection capabilities to enhance your online risk intelligence. Here's why DigitalStakeout is the best choice for managing online risks:

Advanced AI Technology: Our platform utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to detect risks across 16 classes and over 225 event types. This advanced capability ensures comprehensive coverage, identifying potential threats before they escalate.

Comprehensive Coverage: DigitalStakeout's extensive detection capabilities provide a broad understanding of various risks and events. From cyber threats to physical security incidents, our platform covers a wide spectrum of potential dangers, ensuring that no threat goes unnoticed.

Timely Identification: Our AI-powered solution delivers real-time alerts and insights, allowing you to respond swiftly to emerging risks. By staying ahead of potential threats, you can take proactive measures to protect your organization and maintain operational continuity.

Enhanced Decision-Making: With detailed and timely intelligence, DigitalStakeout empowers you to make informed decisions. Our platform's insights help you understand the context and severity of potential threats, enabling you to prioritize and address them effectively.

Robust Risk Management: DigitalStakeout's AI-driven event and information discovery capabilities enhance your overall risk management strategy. By integrating our solution into your existing security framework, you can ensure a robust defense against a wide range of online risks.

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