DigitalStakeout for Corporate Security.

Aggregate information from the Web and other data sources to stay in front of threats to your employees, locations and supply-chain.



Maintain real-time situational awareness through monitoring social media & other chatter for breaking news and incidents.

Protective Intelligence

Curate open source intelligence to reduce the exposure of employees, executives, and organizational assets.

Corporate Security

Keep up with industry, trends and topics that impact your organizational physical security posture.

Hundreds of corporate security professionals spend 80% less time discovering and curating actionable information with DigitalStakeout Scout compared to any other solution.

It take three simple steps to save time and effort discovering actionable open source intelligence (OSINT) from the Web and your data.

Setup and organize all your data feeds with DigitalStakeout Scout monitors.

Create filters to cut out noise and alerts to tag what’s most important.

Share important discoveries with your team and organization.

Organize all your information discovery in one place.

Collect and discover open source information from the websites, social media, forums, blogs to the dark web. Track all your favorite sources of information & security intelligence with one simple to use cloud-based tool.

assure the security of employees, executives, and organizational assets

DigitalStakeout Scout is trained with AI to detect what’s important.

DigitalStakeout automatically detects threats, doxes, and hate in content so you don’t have to casually browse & manually search a sea of data. We automatically enrich your feeds, add location context to content understand your proximity to the source of information. Our machine learning algorithms automatically classify your data feeds into 25+ security and risk categories with best-in-class accuracy.

Corporate Security & Threat Intelligence Resources

Learn more about using DigitalStakeout and how use an intelligence-driven approach to improving security and resiliency.

What is External Threat Management?

Your organization is rapidly transforming. As you go through a digital transformation, you will unwittingly enable bad actors by providing them vast amounts of information. From content to technical information, bad actors weaponize this information and engage in their exploits. Detect and respond to exposures, incidents and threats quickly before reputation damage occurs.


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Protect your Brand & Reputation with Continuous Monitoring of the Web

When it comes to protecting what is important, you can think you know, or you can know you know. While testing has always been a hallmark of any quality process, periodic threat assessment is no longer enough to protect your organization and its interests from external risk. Continuous threat monitoring of the surface web, social media and dark web reduces risk and protects the bottom line.


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The Return on Investment (ROI) with DigitalStakeout

Incorporating DigitalStakeout into your security initiatives and security teams will increase their efficiency and reduce impact on your security budget and business costs. Learn how our customers communicate metrics that demonstrate the value and return of investment of external threat protection and threat intelligence with DigitalStakeout Scout.


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