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Real-time intelligence for corporate security teams

Are you a corporate security analyst who wants to tap into the sea of data from the Internet in real-time to illuminate risk, uncover threats, and warn of vulnerabilities to improve corporate security posture and incident response? We believe you can give your security team the critical visibility they need, improve your security program and maintain situational awareness without the burden of cost, time, complexity, and control.

Using DigitalStakeout for Corporate Security

How do corporate security teams use DigitalStakeout?

Security teams use DigitalStakeout to tap into the sea of information from social media and the dark web. Security analysts use DigitalStakeout products in their security department and global security operations centers (GSOCs) to warn of high-risk events to the organization. Corporate security teams also use DigitalStakeout tools to conduct investigations into security breaches, assess security staff performance, and improve corporate governance. Should a security breach or emergency occur, security managers use DigitalStakeout as part of their crisis management strategy or incident response plan.

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The Right Security Intelligence Technology for Corporate Security

DigitalStakeout offers an on-demand security intelligence platform and the expert support that will empower you to discover the most relevant data to protect what’s most important. Unlike threat intelligence tools providing feeds or crawled and latent data, DigitalStakeout Scout enables analysts to take modular approach to fill common security intelligence gaps with relevant and actionable information from real-time social media, telemetry data, and proprietary technical data collected daily from a billion+ sources on the web.

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DigitalStakeout Scout is the simplest way to address common external visibility gaps and intelligence collection tasks needed to manage and mitigate corporate risk. DigitalStakeout does the hard work by organizing collection, normalizing data, and performing critical data enrichment to detect threats so you can scale your visibility and stay focused on protecting what’s most important.

Improve Security Operations With Relevant Information in Real-time

Detect Threats & Breaking Events In Real-time

In the past, the focus in risk mitigation was asset, impact and likelihood. In today’s social media centric world with a 24 x 7 information cycle, responding to a threat with speed is critical. Unmitigated risk in an unacceptable time window creates tangible damage and losses and disrupts the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities where your organization has competitive advantage against threat actors. Today, corporate security management is a real-time corporate function and needs to adapt to new information at the speed of change.


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Built for security professionals, the DigitalStakeout Scout platform enables the broadest access to your digital presence enabling you to acquire essential visibility into your organization’s online footprint.

Leveraging machine learning and artificial insight, our proprietary technology detects external threats to your organization traditional security capabilities will miss.

Our best-in-class customer support gives you access to subject matter expert corporate security and executive protection resources to increase business security and get the most value out of our platform.

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