DigitalStakeout Scout Overview

DigitalStakeout Scout is the only external threat intelligence platform that delivers comprehensive monitoring and analysis of your organization’s digital footprint and facilitates digital risk management across organizational silos from corporate security to cyber security.

Comprehensive Coverage

Maintain the broadest and most integrated visibility into your digital footprint on 16+ channels of data spanning the surface web, social media networks, deep websites, the dark web and other digital channels.

Unified Visibility

Unify your threat analysis for all external data pertaining to your digital footprint. Save a countless amount of time analyzing external data. Monitor mentions and events affecting your organization in real-time.

Proven Success

Join hundreds of customers that rely on DigitalStakeout Scout every hour to detect and act on threats and digital risk incidents affecting their organization right now.

Horizontal Scalability

Scale on-demand to support your implementation growth when adding new people, places and brands that need protection. Using a modular collection and monitor model, your configuration stays “future proof” with a flexible design capability.

Real-time Risk Insights

Gain risk insights through advanced analytics powered by machine learning, deep learning algorithms, and advanced search capabilities to detect incidents, triage situations in real-time and improve your security resilience without blind spots.

Accelerate Threat Response

Work smarter and deliver threat intelligence across risk domains. Facilitate rapid risk mitigation across organizational silos and mitigate blended threats. Hone in on the highest priority risks impacting your organization across IT, physical, and reputational risk worlds.

On-demand & Tailored Threat Intelligence

Unlike tools either providing general threat broadcasts or those targeting too narrow a set of risks, Scout offers an on-demand approach to threat intelligence that delivers only the most relevant and actionable information. By providing smarter discovery and prescriptive alerts, Scout dramatically reduces alert fatigue and facilitate risk management across organizational silos from corporate security to cyber security.

Don’t waste time with expensive enterprise solutions, hyping data source support, software requiring enormous consulting hours, or products reinforcing the organizational silos. Scout is an affordable cloud-based solution with modular configuration allows organizations to hone in on those risks most pertinent to whether they derive from the IT, physical, and reputational risk worlds.

Websites, Domains & Pages

Social Media & Dark Social

News, Blogs, Forums, & Reviews

Deep Web & Dark Web

Internet of Things (IoT)

Digital Infrastructure

& more…

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Real-time Threat Detection & Analytics

“DigitalStakeout has an extremely flexible data model capable of aggregating information from a broad set of digital channels — including several dark web sources — and automatically applying a nearly limitless set of metadata and classifiers.”


How DigitalStakeout Works

  • Collect & Centralize

  • Classify & Discover

  • Filter & Analyze

  • Monitor & Visualize

  • Alert & Integrate

Collect & Centralize

  • Collect data from external sources on social media, dark web, and other channels
  • Centralized monitoring eliminates the risk of blind spots to external events
  • Simple monitors and an API help you easily develop and integrate data sources

Classify & Discover

  • AI driven processors automatically enrich and discover threats and high risk content
  • Exclude or tag content with automation to achieve faster event identification
  • Collections enable you to logically organize your data to enable efficient workflow

Filter & Analyze

  • Drill down into content using advanced analytics, enabling time-saving identification of incidents
  • Save time on repeated tasks with views using Boolean, faceted and entity search filters
  • Correlate events from other sources to get a complete picture of your threat landscape

Monitor & Visualize

  • Real-time dashboards and feeds, help unify your visibility and maintain situational awareness
  • Gain insight with pre-defined summary, comparative and trend analytics
  • On-demand visualizations help you answer key questions and illuminate non-obvious opportunities

Alert & Integrate

  • Create custom alerts to immediately notify you when specific events are identified across your data
  • Tag results, share discoveries, and assign tasks with workflow automation
  • Integrate alerts and insight into existing security tools with a simple REST API

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