DigitalStakeout Scout™

Real-time analytics, and insights from data to make faster & better decisions.

Tap into data to detect risk events that will impact your business. With a wide array of supported data sources, out-of-the-box & user-defined critical event detection technology, alerting, and analytics, we’ll enable you to get the essential visibility you need to mitigate risk at the speed of change to protect what matters most.

DigitalStakeout Scout

DigitalStakeout Scout is a simple, cost-effective tool used data-driven professionals teams of all sizes. Use Scout to detect and mitigate common intelligence gaps with relevant and actionable information from real-time web, social media, the darknet or untapped data from your organization.

Whether you need to make better business decisions, protect your brand, monitor a high risk situation, or hunt down threats to your business, the problems you’re trying to solve first start with a simple and unified way to collect, process, alarm, search and extract insights. DigitalStakeout Scout enables you to analyze the untapped data that is required to make data-driven decisions with ease and scale.

Supported Data Sources

Websites, Domains & Pages

Social Media

News, Blogs, Forums, & Reviews

Deep Web & Darknet

Internet of Things (IoT)

Logs, Apps & Databases

& more…

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Monitor For Critical Events

With DigitalStakeout Scout Monitors, you can build a customized critical event detection capability by creating a feed by collecting or connecting to the data you need to monitor.

Get Alerted in Real-Time

In today’s information cycles, you need to be the first to know of breaking event. Create alerts with minimal effort and reduce alert fatigue so you can focus on acting the most business relevant situations.

Search Your Data with Ease

Perform unified analysis on all of your monitor data or data from a single monitor. Search your real-time and historical monitor data by full-text search, by entity or by tags visually without having to learn a technical query language.

Create Purpose-Built Analytics and Insights For Your Use Case

DigitalStakeout Scout does the hard work by performing data collection, normalization, data enrichment and analytics to illuminate the insights you need to mitigate risk to your business.

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“The failure to manage your digital risks is likely to sabotage your digital business and expose your organization to potential impacts well beyond a simple opportunity loss. The extent to which CIOs engage in digital risk management can be a crucial factor in avoiding such dangers.”

How DigitalStakeout Scout™ Works

Configure Your Data Sources

With no software to install, it’s easy to configure Monitors in a simple web-based UI provide the coverage or data collection you need. Create a feed by collecting or connecting to the data you need to monitor in less than one minute of effort.

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Monitor Your Data Landscape

Our AI driven processors normalize, analyze and index enrich your monitor data. With a uniform view of all your data, you’ll be able to get a complete picture of your data landscape. You will be able to leverage automated field and meta-data extraction to create high value alerts to immediately notify you when critical events are identified.

Analyze and Annotate Your Data

Stay aware of your landscape with real-time dashboards and analytics. Drill down into discoveries and alerts using entity analytics, enabling time-saving tasks to remediate incidents. Scout provides the flexibility you need to investigate incidents and save time on repeated tasks with user-defined views using Boolean, faceted and entity search filters.

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Share Discoveries and Alerts

Give team members granular access to real-time monitor data and alerts —saving time and improving the consistency of response to external threats. Assign response tasks to the appropriate team, department, or region—boosting efficiency, accuracy, and incident response times.

Enrich Other Tools with DigitalStakeout

Our web-based  intelligence software offers new ways to create context to extend your organization’s existing tools and solutions. Integrate discoveries and alerts into your existing tools with a simple REST API.

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