DigitalStakeout Scout™

Security intelligence software to manage and monitor your external threat landscape.

DigitalStakeout Scout is a simple, cost-effective security intelligence tool used by security teams of all sizes to mitigate common open source intelligence gaps with relevant and actionable information from real-time social media, the dark web, telemetry data, and proprietary technical data collected daily from a billion+ sources on the internet.

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Modular Design

Build a customized security threat intelligence capability with the feeds you need to reduce risk – you are in control.

Comprehensive Coverage

Maintain the broadest visibility into your threat landscape on social media, surface web, dark web and technical web.

Single Source of Truth

Unify your data and security analysis. Save 80% of your time searching for actionable intelligence.

Real-time Alerting

The threat landscape is volatile and threats can emerge at any moment. With DigitalStakeout’s real-time alerting you’ll be the first to know.

A Modular Solution for Your Security Intelligence Needs

DigitalStakeout Scout™ enables security analysts to fill common security intelligence gaps with relevant and actionable information from real-time social media, 100+ million websites, and technical data collected daily from a billion+ sources on the web. Instead of trying to manage numerous open source intelligence tools and technologies, DigitalStakeout Scout is the most cost-effective way to address common external visibility gaps to manage and mitigate security risk. DigitalStakeout Scout performs data collection, parsing and normalization, security relevant data enrichment, automated threat detection and alerting all in one platform.

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NLP & Machine Learning Technology Automatically Detect Security Issues

Spend 80% less time searching for security issues and trying to guess what word lists to use. DigitalStakeout automatically detects security relevant situations so analysts don’t have to casually browse & manually search a sea of data.

– Sentiment, emotion and psycholinguistic algorithms detect physical threats and control for sarcasm.
– Physical security algorithms detect threats, vulnerabilities and hazards to people, places and things.
– Cyber security and technical algorithms detect attack chatter about attacks, vulnerabilities and disruptions.
– Machine learning algorithms automatically categorize posts into 25+ security categories with best-in-class accuracy.
– Proprietary data enrichment algorithms add context fields to posts by tagging and adding reference information.

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*Detection of a risk event are considered indicators. Always perform best practice confirmation triage and analysis before acting on any public data.

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“The failure to manage your digital risks is likely to sabotage your digital business and expose your organization to potential impacts well beyond a simple opportunity loss. The extent to which CIOs engage in digital risk management can be a crucial factor in avoiding such dangers.”

Most buyers are purchasing DRP tools as net-new solutions for their organizations (as opposed to replacing an existing capability). They’re adding DRP to their existing security technology stacks to better tackle digital risk activities — namely, to improve their external digital risk visibility and to streamline the ensuing remediation.

How DigitalStakeout Scout™ Works

Configure Your Security Intelligence Monitors

Create feeds from social media, surface web and the dark web. Our our AI driven technology will automatically process and tag important discoveries. You can automatically or manually attach discoveries to any of your assets.

external threat protection and threat intelligence
digitalrisk cti assets

Automatically Correlate Content to Your Assets

Add physical, cyber, tangible and intangible assets into a case management system that you want to protect. Categorize and tag your assets based on importance, sensitivity and business context. Create automated processing rules to attach feed discoveries to your assets.

Automatically Annotate Your Data

Save 80% of your time reviewing discoveries. Run dozens to hundreds of automated processes against your collected data. With simple or complex Boolean and entity-based post-processing rules, automatically review data to tag and highlight content of interest, weed out false positives and create business context.

scout external threat management integration
scout external threat management collaboration

Share Discoveries and Alerts

Give team members granular access to real-time monitor data and alerts —saving time and improving the consistency of response to external threats. Assign response tasks to the appropriate team, department, or region—boosting efficiency, accuracy, and incident response times.

Maintain Situational Awareness & Communicate Value

Use DigitalStakeout Scout analytics to spot emerging threats, identify anomalies, managing incidents, and anticipating disruptions. Out of the box analytics, dashboard widgets, and faceted summaries help security analysts detect patterns that indicate or even predict risk events.

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