DigitalStakeout Scout™

Cloud-delivered Security Monitoring

Real-time security monitoring and automated threat detection across the data you need track and act on.

DigitalStakeout Scout™ provides security visibility into the external and internal data you need track. Easily track and assess your security posture and correlate all discovered posts, events, and more. Security teams can leverage automatically enriched data to accelerate security investigations in a single, unified platform.


Security without Information Silos

  • Reduce risk information silos between cyber security and corporate security teams.
  • Detect threats across a wide variety of data sources and monitoring environments.
  • Leverage enriched data to accelerate investigations and workflows.

Integrations and Data You Need

  • Maximize the visibility you need to support your security requirements.
  • Setup feeds and integrations from supported data sources in minutes.
  • Investigate your data in a single pane of glass with detailed enrichment and linkage.
how digitalstakeout scout works to find actionable information for security and risk professionals

Real-time Automated Threat Detection

  • Detect threats and critical events across all your data.
  • Analyze all your data for security issues with automation.
  • Get alerted to important issues in real-time.

Automated Tagging & Precision Alerting

  • Save time with automated filtering and data tagging.
  • Create custom alarms without needing to learn a technical language.
  • Reduce alert fatigue with precision alert creation.
We’ve updated DigitalStakeout Scout® with multi-dashboards, new visualizations and options.

Security Analytics and Team Collaboration

  • Correlate events, alerts, discoveries and collaborate on triage and investigation.
  • Quickly filter and pivot through your data with extracted fields.
  • Create custom dashboards and visualizations for new security insights.

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