DigitalStakeout Scout™

DigitalStakeout enables security and risk professionals to monitor new data on the Web to protect people, assets and brand – to make better data-driven risk management decisions.

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DigitalStakeout is an all-in-one critical event detection platform that continuously monitors the Web for new actionable information.

While today’s external risk events are increasingly complex and damaging, DigitalStakeout offers a simple and cost-effective way to be proactive and detect the first signs of actionable information.

digitalstakeout physical threat detection

Corporate Security

Maintain online situational awareness about employees, places and your brand to protect what’s most important.

Corporate Security

Public Sector

Real-time information from the Web to help your agency respond faster to the needs of citizens and to improve security.

Public Sector

digitalstakeout business risk scout

Business Risk

Improve risk management with continuous monitoring. Detect and act on real-time intelligence to minimize impact on revenue and operations.

Business Risk

Cyber Security

Proactively monitor the web for intelligence on threat actors, new vulnerabilities and hunt threats to improve organizational security posture.

Cyber Security

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Hundreds of risk & security professionals spend 80% less time discovering and curating actionable intelligence with DigitalStakeout Scout compared to any other solution.

It takes three simple steps to leverage the power of DigitalStakeout Scout.

Setup and organize all your data feeds with DigitalStakeout Scout monitors.

Enable alerts to notify you of what’s most important.

Share important discoveries with your team and organization.

Organize all your information discovery in one place.

  • Monitor structured and enriched data from the web for critical information.
  • Gain insights through advanced analytics powered by machine learning.
  • Reduce alert fatigue and save time with smart discovery and alerting.
  • Get expert support to assist you with course of action and remediation.
digitalstakeout security and risk intelligence dashboard

DigitalStakeout Scout is trained with AI to detect what’s important.

DigitalStakeout automatically detects important content so you don’t have to casually browse & manually search a sea of data. We automatically enrich your feeds, add context fields to content and illuminate your data. Our machine learning algorithms automatically classify your data feeds into 25+ security and risk categories with best-in-class accuracy.

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DigitalStakeout Scout makes it easier to discover and act on critical information.

real-time intelligence with DigitalStakeout Scout

DigitalStakeout Scout makes it possible to identify abnormal items within the noise and detect early indicators of exposures, incidents and emerging threats.  Automated monitoring for reputation, physical, operational and cyber risk in the digital world expands your opportunity to act faster on what impacts your organization.

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