Choice #1 for real time intelligence to hunt threats.

DigitalStakeout offers a simple and cost-effective way to gather information, hunt for threats, curate threat intelligence to take action to disrupt & manage external risk.

Keep Up With New Information

Maintain visibility into new information and content from public sources on the Web.

integrated management
Organize Your Data

Create and organize feeds from the web and your data sources the way you want – you are in control.

Work From One Source

Unify your data, searching and analysis. Save 80% of your time searching for actionable information.

Get Alerted In Real-time

New content can emerge at any moment. With precision real-time alerting, you’ll be the first to know.

Monitor and quickly analyze information from your favorite data sources.

Aggregate and discover security and risk relevant information from the websites, social media, forums, blogs to the dark web. Unify the sea of information from all information sources such as emails, RSS feeds, newsletters with one simple to use cloud-based tool.

DigitalStakeout Scout is a simple cloud-delivered tool for security and risk pros to track and discover information from the Web.

3 Steps to Cutting Down the Noise and Time Savings

Create feeds with DigitalStakeout monitors.

Setup and organize all your data feeds with DigitalStakeout Scout monitors from supported data sources. DigitalStakeout will automatically track and aggregate new mentions.

DigitalStakeout Scout is a simple cloud-delivered tool for security and risk pros to track and discover information from the Web.

Filter out noise and create precision alerts.

Filter your data and create precision real-time alerts with custom tags, Boolean and entity-level filters.

Share important discoveries with your team and organization.

DigitalStakeout workflow tools enable you share alerts and discoveries with your team. If you’re a larger organization, you can use our REST API to consume alerts with an existing tool.

scout external threat management collaboration

Global Data Coverage

Track information from millions of sources including websites, social media, forums, blogs and the dark web.


Social Media

News, Blogs, Forums and Reviews

Dark Web

Data Aggregation Options

Aggregate data from your favorite data sources.

RSS Feeds






The Smartest and Fastest Way to Detect Actionable Information

Spend 80% less time searching for important information. DigitalStakeout automatically enriches your data so you don’t have to manually search through it. DigitalStakeout Scout machine learning algorithms automatically classify your data feeds and match on 25+ security and risk categories with best-in-class accuracy.

digitalstakeout threat intelligence flow

*Detection of a risk event are considered indicators. Always perform best practice confirmation triage and analysis before acting on any public data.

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