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reSeeIt Changes Reputation Management on Twitter Forever

reSeeIt archives Tweets permanently on the blockchain and IPFS

In today's digital landscape, it is more crucial than ever for brands to manage their online reputation. Now, with a blockchain archiving tool as robust as reSeeIt, the nature of online content has taken a dramatic turn. No longer can mistakes vanish with a delete button. Let's delve into the reputational risks such tools pose and how brands can stay vigilant in this new digital landscape.

Permanent Content on IPFS and the Blockchain

It's essential to grasp the full magnitude of what platforms like reSeeIt offer. By fusing the power of the AI, Polygon blockchain with the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), reSeeIt promises a tweet, thread, or conversation will be set in digital stone - permanently.

All a Twitter user has to do to have a Tweet permanently stored is by replying (or Quote Tweeting), “@reSeeIt save this” to any Tweet,“@reSeeIt save thread” to any Tweet thread, or “@reSeeIt save conversation” to any conversation.

Once the content is archived, reSeeIt shows where the content is permanently archived on IPFS and the blockchain.

While this can be seen as a boon for transparency, for brands, it poses significant challenges:

  1. Irreversible Mistakes: A mistimed tweet, an incorrect statement, or any post that doesn't align with a brand's values can become a permanent scar. With tools like reSeeIt, such content remains forever accessible, constantly reminding us of past missteps.

  2. Loss of Control Over Narratives: In the pre-blockchain era, brands had greater control over their narrative. They could adjust, modify, or remove content as they deemed fit. But with permanent archiving, this control wanes, leaving brands vulnerable to narratives they might not endorse.

  3. Manipulation & Out-of-Context Sharing: While the content might be archived in its original form, there's no stopping individuals from cherry-picking statements and presenting them out of context, especially if it serves their agenda.

A Brand's Guide to Monitoring Permanent Archives

Given the potential risks, brands should track these archives. Here are some proactive steps brands can take:

  1. Account for Consequence: The adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Your posts must be very strategic and mindful of all possible consequences over time.

  2. Perform Real-Time Monitoring: Use DigitalStakeout to alert you high-risk posts or whenever a post is archived. The faster you're aware of the content, the quicker you can react, even if it's been permanently archived.

  3. Update Crisis Management Plan: Your crisis management plan must account for permanent content's reality. Such a plan should include rapid response strategies, clarification methods, and ways to reshape narratives when required.

  4. Conduct Employee Training: Ensure that everyone managing your brand's social media channels knows the implications of permanent archiving. Regular training sessions will help instill best practices and minimize risks.

  5. Engage with Your Audience: When an unfavorable tweet gets archived, it's essential to communicate openly with your audience. Clarify misunderstandings, apologize if necessary, and consistently use your brand's authentic voice.

The emergence of platforms like reSeeIt has added a new layer of complexity to digital reputation management. While they champion transparency and accountability for brands, they also signify an era where vigilance, proactive monitoring, and swift action are paramount. Embracing this new reality and adapting strategies is the way forward in the unforgettable world of blockchain archiving public social media content.


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