DigitalStakeout Platform Overview

Opportunity to reduce risk on the surface web, social media, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet awaits.


Unlike any other security intelligence solution or digital risk protection service, DigitalStakeout's modular data aggregation system, pre-processing, and post-processing capabilities enable customers to use DigitalStakeout for numerous security and risk use cases in parallel with no loss of capability or scale. DigitalStakeout's modular capabilities enable customers consolidate security tools and services, adapt to any category of external risk at the speed of change, and constantly improve their business's resilience and response to external risks, threats, and unforeseen situations.


Consolidate Security Tools and Services

With layers of structured and enriched real-time data from the web at your fingertips, the DigitalStakeout platform enables security and risk teams to tap into the surface web, social media, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet data and consolidate many siloed use cases under one platform and support solution.

Brand & Domain Protection

Protect your digital brand and domains  from  fraud, abuse, phishing and cyber criminals.

Third-Party Risk Management

Manage and monitor risks posed by your third-party vendors and operational supply chain.

Digital Risk Protection

Use proactive intelligence-driven processes to detect and mitigate risks to your digital business.

Executive Protection

Assure the digital security and privacy of employees, executives and organizational assets.

Attack Surface Management

Discover digital assets across the web and reduce cyber risk to your external digital attack surface.

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitor dark web sites and forums to gain real-time insights into nefarious and extremist chatter.

Critical Event Detection

Web intelligence to detect critical events and scenarios that indicate risk to people, brand and assets.

Open Source Intelligence

Create your own OSINT capability from our web, social, alt-tech, dark web and Internet data & analytics.

Location Based Intelligence

Physical security intelligence at locations and events to protect employees, customers and assets.

Cloud-Delivered Technology


DigitalStakeout is a fully managed and cloud-delivered platform with data, tools, and analytics provided with no software or hardware to install.

  • Access 25M+ sources from the surface web, social media, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet.

  • DigitalStakeout handles natural language processing and proprietary extracts to normalize and link data to searchable fields.

  • Use DigitalStakeout Tools to search and discover important information to track with on-demand contextual search engines.

  • Create automated feeds from Monitor modules to aggregate and unify all the data you need in one place.

  • Organize your data into logical compartments to enable specific use cases by need.

  • DigitalStakeout machine learning, AI, and signature processes automatically tag important risk and security discoveries.

  • Annotate your data to your requirements with an unlimited real-time risk score, tag, classifier, and word-list rules.

  • Search and investigate your aggregated data with Boolean, faceted results, word-list, and linked entities.

  • Create unlimited user-defined email alert rules with Boolean, entity, tag, or word-list criteria. 

  • Share and collaborate on discoveries with an integrated workflow, collaboration, and case management tools.

  • Leverage a large library of canned analytics on-demand without building charts and visualizations.

  • Maintain situational awareness by creating multiple dashboards from a library of 50+ canned widgets.

  • Integrate your DigitalStakeout alerts and incidents into your existing tool(s) with a simple REST API.

  • Get subject matter expert support only from practitioners with decades of experience in security and risk mitigation.

DigitalStakeout's platform provides security and risk professionals with the data, intelligence and services to mitigate external risk that emerges on the surface web, social media, alt-tech, dark web and Internet. Proactively respond and remediate external risk events lead to disruption, outages, breaches, losses, brand damage, and health and safety risk.

"The DigitalStakeout platform has been vetted and has been proven to be a highly valuable service and has been deemed a critical requirement for mission support”


United States Department of State


Why Customers Choose DigitalStakeout

  • Broadest data sources from the surface web, social media, alt-tech, dark web, the Internet.

  • Ability to consume customer provided data and integrate existing third-party tools.

  • Modular design that enables scalable and repeatable processes.

  • Multi-domain detection across operational, physical, cyber, and reputational risks.

  • Structured data archive for quick triage, investigation, and response to risk events.

  • Extensive time-based search, pivot, filter, and data analytics options.

  • Worry-free infrastructure with no hardware, software, or development required.

  • Simple pay as you scale pricing with access to all supported data sources.

  • Expert subject matter expertise to assist with all aspects of your customer journey.

  • Data is hosted in the United States and all development is performed in-country by US citizens.