Multiple OSINT technologies in one platform.

Get the data, control, transparency, scale, and innovation you need. DigitalStakeout is an expansive OSINT platform that can be used for an unlimited number of security and risk mitigation use cases.


Unlike any other open source intelligence solution, DigitalStakeout's expanding data, collection, enrichment, filtering, alerting, and visualization capabilities enable customers to use DigitalStakeout for numerous security and risk use cases in parallel with no loss of capability or scale. Consolidate OSINT tools and services, adapt to any external risk at the speed of change, and constantly improve your response to external risks, threats, and unforeseen situations.

Platform Overview


DigitalStakeout is a fully managed and cloud-delivered platform with data, tools, and analytics provided with no software or hardware to install. You only pay for what features, data and modules you need to use.

Core Data Sources


DigitalStakeout provides the data and integrations you need. We continuously collect, organize and structure data from across the web. Need a data source? We are constantly expanding our data coverage to meet customer needs.

Global Content

  • The Surface Web

  • Mainstream Social Media & Alt-Social

  • Local, National, & International News

  • Blogs, Forums & Reviews

  • The Dark Web

DNS & Web Intelligence

  • 250m+ Registered Domains

  • 2 Billion+ DNS Records

  • 100m+ Landing Pages

  • 50+ Million Typosquat Domains

  • Real-time Certificate Logs

Data Aggregation

  • Subscribe to a RSS or Atom feed URL.

  • Monitor URLs for changes in content.

  • Forward emails to a virtual inbox.

  • Collect content using a Webhook.

  • Send logs over syslog to DigitalStakeout.

Modular & Contextual Feeds


Monitors are a basic component of DigitalStakeout. DigitalStakeout has access to different categories of data with numerous types of monitors that can filter data from those sources. Modules and their respective monitors enable a limitless set of use cases.

Canvass Monitors

Searching for a social media account manually on the web takes time and effort. You often have to search individual social media platforms to find an account. For most organizations, manually performing this task does not scale. DigitalStakeout Canvass solves this problem and saves analysts hours searching for an account. DigitalStakeout Canvass enables you to perform an automated search across 750+ social networks and websites to find a social media account by profile name or screen name.

Locus Monitors

Every risk event or hazard that can impact your assets happens at a location. However, analysts often need help identifying risks related to a specific place or geopolitical region. DigitalStakeout Locus solves this problem and saves analysts hours searching for location-based intelligence. DigitalStakeout Locus enables you to perform an automated search against geo-tagged and geo-inferred information from the surface web, social media, and dark web.

Chatter Monitors

DigitalStakeout Chatter enables you to search new content from social media, blogs, alt-tech, dark web chatter with extensive filtering options and coverage on 25 million+ sources. With millions of posts added hourly, DigitalStakeout does the hard work by rapidly collecting public data to make it easy to search and pivot through quickly. DigitalStakeout Chatter has many layers of searchable public content.

Footprint Monitors

With DigitalStakeout Footprint, tap into the data behind 300 million registered domains and 2 billion+ hostnames shape the Internet with NS, A, MX, TXT and other DNS records. Over a hundred thousand domains are registered or modified in a day. DigitalStakeout Footprint does the hard work by rapidly collecting and organizing web, DNS, and IP data points to support technical OSINT needs.

Twitter Firehose Monitors

Create a real-time stream and analytics from the Twitter firehose that complies with security industry acceptable use cases. DigitalStakeout has years of experience maintaining compliance and innovating privacy and safety controls. Perform your security or risk management use case with confidence that you’ll stay compliant with Twitter’s security sector authorized practices, protect your reputation and maintain public trust.

"The DigitalStakeout platform has been vetted and has been proven to be a highly valuable service and has been deemed a critical requirement for mission support”


United States Department of State


Entity Extraction & Data Enrichment


Automated data enrichment & entity extraction enable new workflows, and high-value alerts help increase situational awareness and illuminate new insights. As you aggregate your data from a monitor in DigitalStakeout, it is enriched with new context. You can use this extracted data to filter your results, create more precise alerts, and acquire new insights from visualizations. On average, you'll save hours searching for information. Enrichment enables you to spot critical information faster, triage data efficiently, and filter your data in ways not possible with Boolean searches.

Field Extraction & Mapping

Every data source Scout processes have a unique set of fields. DigitalStakeout normalizes each data record and maximizes extractions into common fields, making filtering and triage 80% faster for analysts.

Extraction of People, Places & Things

Leveraging a frequently updated source of 500+ classes and 2,500+ properties, Scout automatically identifies over 5 million people, places, and things mentioned in the content.

Geo-Extraction and Inferred Geo-Tagging

Geotagging and geoparsing link geographic context to data. Scout extracts location and places names from unstructured text & fields to enrich records with physical and network geographic entities.

Purpose Built Classifiers for Security & Risk

Scout automatically spots and classifies relevant data into 20+ cyber security, physical security, operational security, and reputation risk-relevant topics. These classifiers are updated daily according to DigitalStakeout researchers and customer feedback.

Deep Sentiment Analysis

DigitalStakeout Scout classifies your data into five potential sentiment categories (very negative, negative, neutral, positive, and very positive). In addition to sentiment, DigitalStakeout context classifiers spot hate, offensive language, and highly volatile and high reputation risk topics.

User Defined Conditional Tagging

Create as many custom tags as you need. DigitalStakeout's automated workflow rules engine supports user-defined data tagging. With access to 50+ entity fields, boolean filters, and complex event queries, DigitalStakeout can enrich a record exactly to a set of conditions established by an end-user.

Intelligent Discovery™


DigitalStakeout's Intelligent Discovery spotter technology leverages proprietary natural language processing and machine learning algorithms that help you spot important information. Intelligent discovery focuses on major risks that guide you to information important to triage and review without guessing keywords. As your monitor data is collected, DigitalStakeout automatically hunts through your data to detect and tag what's most important.


The Intelligent Discovery Grid summarizes the categories, sub-categories, and trends and points you to detailed results. DigitalStakeout's team is constantly improving Intelligent Discovery. Processors and spotters are updated weekly to detect new scenarios that can be repeatedly discovered with minimal false positives. We designed Intelligent Discovery to evolve constantly and to be improved by collective intelligence. When customers find a post that should have been categorized, we quickly review the sample and determine if it can and should be added for automated detection.


Real-time Alerting

DigitalStakeout real-time alerting features give you complete flexibility to be alarmed of important discoveries. If you can query the data in DigitalStakeout, we can alert it. Unlike other monitoring solutions, our alerting is highly configurable and customizable. You have full control over the criteria required to trigger alerts. Create alerts that span all your feed data, or create an alert specific to a single feed. You can create simple or complex Boolean criteria alerts – you are in control. Anti-fatigue options control notification windows so you can prioritize alerts into your workload. Create alerts for yourself or easily set up customized alerts for you and your team. You can create custom email templates and assign them to individual workflow rules using a library of pre-defined tokens. You can customize the content of your email alerts and define the recipients of your alerts.

Search in Search + Pivot

Search and investigate through your aggregated DigitalStakeout data with on-demand precision. Search your real-time and historical data by full-text search, by an entity, and by tags visually without having to learn a technical query language. DigitalStakeout automatically extracts and normalizes your data into 50+ entity types. Automated data enrichment enables you to spot non-obvious attributes in raw data that create unseen context. Simply query your data by these derived fields filter your data with speed and precision.

Build Boolean queries your way.

DigitalStakeout supports Boolean search across many features of the platform. Build Boolean queries for general search, AND-ing terms, OR-ing terms, negating terms, grouping, exact match, and more.

Leverage faceted filters for quicker discovery.

Faceted search or guided navigation utilizes the metadata attributed to your DigitalStakeout records, allowing you to filter and refine your search queries when looking for specific information. Based on your queries and results, DigitalStakeout summarizes entity data so you can quickly narrow down the scope of your search by adding multiple filters.

Build your word lists and phrase filters.

Word lists enable you to scan your data for a particular topic or theme quickly. Word lists make managing Boolean searches and email alert criteria more manageable. Your word lists can be used as part of any filter in DigitalStakeout. Create a word list once and share it with your team.

Create saved views with filters.

Save time on routine data you review on a routine basis. Also, save an important view while pivoting through your data. DigitalStakeout Scout filters enable you to name and save your search pattern for you and your team.

Collaboration & Workflow


DigitalStakeout was purpose-built to enable teams to scale, de-conflict, and reduce repetitive tasks. Teams can share data streams or isolate feeds through folders and user permissions.


DigitalStakeout's workflow module includes:

  • Incident management

  • Screenshot capture

  • Automatic translation to English

  • Record sharing

  • Comment logging


DigitalStakeout also allows you to export data in a simple format such as XML or CSV. 


Need to integrate DigitalStakeot with an existing tool? Use the DigitalStakeout REST API to consume incidents and alerts in a consistent common JSON data format.

Dashboard & Analytics


Aggregating all your OSINT in one place creates opportunities to discover new things. Generate on-demand analytics for the last 15 minutes or the last 90 days. You can quickly switch from a granular to a top-down view to see the larger picture. Build your dashboards to visualize activity across your aggregated data in real time. You can monitor key metrics, alerts, and analytics to spot actionable information, trends, and matters that require action. See what's happening inside your DigitalStakeout data. With a library of 100+ pre-defined charts & visualizations, you don't have to spend time building visualizations.