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What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is commonly associated with a tiny fraction of the web that search engines like Google, Bing or Yandex do not index. Most of the dark web is only accessible through special protocols such as Tor, I2P, IRC, Telegram or Discord. The term “dark web” is also known as the darknet. On the Tor network, individual Tor nodes create the darknet and anonymize communications inside the dark web. Tor anonymizes communications and hides the origin and destination of the Internet Traffic. Tor provides the layer of anonymity to websites and other servers. Each server or website on Tor is a hidden service. The hidden service does not have an IP address. A hidden service has an onion address that can be accessed through the Tor Browser. The dark web is also a collection of web sites, forums and market places that are accessible on the surface web that are hosted by providers that provide bullet-proof hosting. Bulletproof hosting companies operate in countries with lenient laws. They do not care what type content is hosted on their servers, and also have weak extradition laws. Bulletproof hosting providers make it very difficult for law enforcement from another country to take action against the provider and discover the identity of the site owner.

What Should Be Monitored on the Dark Web?

Dark web websites require constant monitoring for indicators of physical and cybersecurity threats. Dark web forums are dark web markets are where where data leaks are posted and data breaches are disclosed. When cyber criminals have stolen data they want to monetize, they either share the leaked file or share samples that is proof of a data breach. When hackers have personally identifiable information (PII) in their possession, they may share samples of personal information with name, phone number, address, email address, or social security number. If credit card information has been stolen, credit card number, bank account, and cvv code samples will be disclosed. If threat actors have breached an application or compromised data, they may disclose unencrypted usernames and passwords that puts other systems at risk. The dark web is also home to cyber criminals sharing and selling hacking code, tools and services. Persons that have extreme views and that are mentally unstable take to the dark web to engage with others that have similar views. Understanding what information on the dark web exists and what tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) cyber criminals are using, and who may be a threat to your organization is must do for any enterprise to maintain security resilience.

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DigitalStakeout Monitors for Leaks, Exposures, Tools and Threats

DigitalStakeout continuously monitors and scans dark web sites, dark forums like Raid Forums, paste sites like Pastebin and Ghostbin, and many carding forums that sell stolen credit card information. We also monitor “grey” websites hosted on the surface web that DigitalStakeout considers part of the “dark web.” We monitor sites that do not moderate their content from extreme conversations and highly offensive material such as 4chan, 8kun, Parler, and Gab. DigitalStakeout also monitors doxxing sites that publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the internet, typically with malicious intent. If a surface website contains content similar to content materials found on the dark web, we’ll monitor it as a dark site. Our coverage is continuously evolving to monitor the dark web for new exploits, exposures, leaks, and other security-relevant content which may impact our customers’ security.

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Monitoring the Dark Web with DigitalStakeout Scout

DigitalStakeout Scout is a cloud-delivered SaaS solution fully hosted and maintained by DigitalStakeout that enables security and risk pros to establish a security intelligence and incident detection capability. Security teams cut costs and time spent by 80%, maintaining the infrastructure and managing the software development required to collect and parse the dark web data. DigitalStakeout Scout combines dark web website collection, machine learning, security threat intelligence, and workflow automation into a single dark web monitoring capability. With DigitalStakeout Scout, you can continuously scan and visualize dark web data in real-time. DigitalStakeout comes with 50+ visualizations that enable situational awareness and provide immediate security insights. Get the flexibility you need to investigate incidents and save time on repetitive tasks with user-defined views using Boolean, faceted, and entity search filters. DigitalStakeout Scout’s workflow and alerting features give you complete flexibility to be alarmed of important discoveries.

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