A Dark Web Monitoring Tool for Security and Risk Professionals

The most cost-effective and versatile solution for dark and grey web intelligence.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is commonly associated to a tiny fraction of the web that is not indexed by Google and is only accessible through special protocols such as Tor. The term “dark web” is also known as the darknet. Individual Tor nodes create the darknet and anonymize communications inside the dark web. Tor anonymizes communications and hides the origin and destination of the Internet Traffic. Tor provides anonymity to websites and other servers. Each server or website on Tor is a hidden service. The hidden service does not have an IP address. A hidden service has an onion address that can be accessed through a Tor Browser. However, the dark web is also a collection of sites that are accessible on the surface web through Google. These are sites have end-users or content that require constant monitoring for indicators of physical and cyber security threats.

Dark Web Monitoring & Alerting

DigitalStakeout maintains a real-time index of the dark web and crawls 10,000+ publicly accessible TOR services. In addition to collecting data from the dark web, we sanitize and structure the content we discover, making it easy to monitor, analyze and alert. With DigitalStakeout Scout alerting you’ll be the first to know when things change on the dark web.

Mitigate External Threats with Dark Web Threat Intelligence

DigitalStakeout Scout combines content collection, machine learning, security threat intelligence and workflow automation into a single dark web monitoring tool. Our easy-to-use interface combined with powerful machine learning automation, deep learning algorithms, and advanced search capabilities allows organizations to generate a comprehensive risk landscape, visualize trends, and anticipate threats based on unique content that DigitalStakeout Scout discovers on the dark web.

  • Focus your time and effort on security intelligence instead of data collection.
  • Monitor the dark web without connecting to the Tor network.
  • Monitor dark and grey sites like 4chan, 8chan, Pastebin and more.
  • Out-of-the-box automation assists you to detect relevant cyber and physical threats.

Use a DigitalStakeout Scout Monitor for Real-time Alerting

The DigitalStakeout Scout Dark Web Monitor enables you to create a feed from real-time index publicly accessible TOR services and other dark digital channels. We persistently scan anonymized sites, posts, forums and marketplaces for conversations and content pertaining to your feed criteria. DigitalStakeout Scout will analyze your feed for indicators of an attack, threat, or incident that could put your brand, employees, executives or customers at risk.

Research Threats and Vulnerabilities on the Dark Web

DigitalStakeout Dark Web Search is an active index of 10,000+ publicly accessible TOR services. Search sanitized and structured content. Leveraging proprietary entity extraction, faceted search on 25+ derived fields and geo-interfence make it easy for security analysts to discover information safely, quickly and efficiently without needing to connect to the TOR network or to visit any dark website.

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