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Social Media Tracking

Monitoring Public Social Media

Keep informed with DigitalStakeout's social media content discovery feature, tracking millions of public posts for critical information.

DigitalStakeout's Social Media feature in Keyword Monitor is a powerful tool that allows organizations to stay informed about the latest developments in the social media space by discovering content from a wide range of public mainstream social media platforms. This feature allows users to create a feed to monitor new content from millions of social media sources by keyword. The tool can scan public social media sources such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and alt-social platforms like Bitchute, Rumble, 4chan and Mastodon, and can discover content from a wide range of sources including text, images, and videos. 

This feature enables users to stay up-to-date with breaking news, track conversations, and identify opportunities for detect risk. The social media discovery feature uses advanced algorithms to filter out irrelevant content and deliver only the most relevant and important information to the user, saving time and resources. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that need to stay informed about breaking news, risk management, crisis management, or customer service issues that are related to their field, and for tracking the public perception of their brand or industry.

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