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DigitalStakeout Releases Ad-Free Secure Web Search

In a time when privacy concerns are paramount and online advertisements clutter screens, DigitalStakeout is excited to unveil our latest tool: Private Search. This groundbreaking tool combines the power of Google’s search engine, a privacy-centric approach like DuckDuckGo, and filtering high-risk domains from results—providing a clean and private search experience free from ads and invasive tracking.

Why Private Search?

At DigitalStakeout, we believe that your online activities are private and should remain private. With the increasing concerns over data privacy and the pervasive nature of targeted advertising, users seek alternatives that respect their confidentiality while providing comprehensive search results. Private Search addresses these needs as an air-gap between you and Google, ensuring your searches are not tracked.

Key Features of Private Search

1. Enhanced Privacy

Private Search serves as a protective barrier between you and the internet. Using DigitalStakeout as an intermediary, your search queries are anonymized, and your attribution information is kept secure. This ensures that neither Google nor third-party advertisers can track your search history or profile your online behavior.

2. Ad-Free Experience

Private Search is a paid service that allows us to eliminate all advertisements from your search results. This creates a cleaner, more focused search environment, enabling you to find the information you need without distractions.

3. Just Search Results

Without the influence of paid advertisements, Private Search provides you with clean search results. This means you get the most relevant information based on your query rather than who paid the most for an ad placement.

4. Comprehensive Coverage

By leveraging Google’s powerful search capabilities, Private Search ensures you have access to the most extensive and up-to-date information available on the web. This comprehensive coverage means you don’t have to compromise between privacy and search quality.

5. High Risk Domain Warning

In addition to privacy and ad-free browsing, Private Search incorporates DigitalStakeout’s domain rank technology, sourced from our advanced cyber threat intelligence within our secure private DNS service. This feature evaluates the safety and credibility of domains appearing in your search results. High-risk, new, or unknown domains are flagged with a warning label, alerting you to potential risks before you visit the site. This added layer of protection helps you navigate the web more securely and avoid potential threats.

How Private Search Works

Using Private Search is simple and intuitive. When you perform a search, DigitalStakeout acts as an air-gap, submitting your query to Google on your behalf. The search results are then returned to you without any ads, widgets, or summarized content. This seamless process ensures you can enjoy the full power of Google’s search engine while maintaining your privacy and peace of mind.

Why Choose DigitalStakeout?

DigitalStakeout is committed to helping you secure your life from external security threats. The first step in this process is always information discovery. With Private Search, we are extending this commitment to find the critical information you need. Our expertise in web intelligence and security uniquely positions us to offer a search tool that prioritizes your privacy and security without sacrificing the quality of your search results.

At DigitalStakeout, we innovate and provide solutions that empower our users to navigate the digital world confidently and securely. Private Search is the latest example of our commitment to delivering tools that help secure life from external security threats. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and advancements from DigitalStakeout.

Note: Private Search is currently in Alpha. After the Alpha period, we will release pricing for this search tool.


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