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OSINT for Online Privacy Protection

With hundreds of data broker sites online, your key employee's personal information is likely published or exposed online.

DigitalStakeout's Personal Information Monitor (PII Monitor) module discovers these exposures, and our support services can help get them de-listed and removed from Google search results. With this new monitor module, DigitalStakeout customers can persistently track, alert, and get support to remove public information exposures to minimize key employee digital footprint.

When your key employee's public information is exposed, the risk of stalking and other physical & cyber risk events increase. The number of data brokers collecting and monetizing private information continues to expand. Uncontrolled, your details are just a quick Google search away by any individual. Many sites do not honor permanent removals. It's a constant effort to track and detect when information is re-exposed. Personal Information Monitor saves organizations hundreds of hours of effort to discover and remove employee digital footprint spanning hundreds of sites.

Example of people search and information broker sites covered.

Mitigate the digital risk created by hundreds of websites that feed personal data to drive their Google search results.

Personal Information Monitor Overview

  • Track 100+ data brokers to discover hosted profiles of personal information.

  • Identify and prioritize the personally identifiable information (PII) exposed.

  • Use inclusion and exclusion filters to reduce false positives.

  • Get support to remove, opt-out, de-list, and get results removed from Google.

Use Automated OSINT to Detect Online Privacy Exposures

During our pre-launch testing of this monitor, our test customers saved 90% of the time and effort discovering public record exposures and exponentially scaled their visibility into the executive digital footprint and privacy risk. Customers can reduce the visibility of an executive's address, phone numbers, email, relationships, income range, net worth, credit score, status, political and religious affiliation, and legal records. Continuous discovery is fully automated, and profiles and exposures are de-duplicated. Once your results publish into the DigitalStakeout platform, you can use the existing tagging, alerting, and workflow features for workflow removals and take-downs. Customers can also order this as a data broker & PII removal service, where the DigitalStakeout team performs the setup, de-listing, and coordinates removals with your key employees.


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