What is External Threat Management?

External Threat Management is the practice of using tools, processes and methods of analysis to detect and mitigate external threats to your organization.

The External Threat Management Problem

Identifying risks from known and unknown external Internet assets and systems

Your organization is going through a digital transformation. With this rapid digital sprawl and use of cloud services, your organization simply cannot rely on manual processes and analysis to identify and manage external cyber risk effectively. You face an exponentially growing blind spot that will lead threats being successfully executed resulting in reputation damage, regulatory issues and revenue loss. DigitalStakeout reduces the risk of this problem. Our proactive cyber security solutions enable you detect and respond to exposures, incidents and threats quickly before additional damage impacts your reputation and the bottom line.

The External Threat Dilemma

Exponential Data Growth

Limited Visibility

Lack of Resources

Downside Risk

DigitalStakeout External Threat Management Management

DigitalStakeout Scout is for security analysts who need to continuously monitor their organization’s digital brand footprint and manage the digital attack surface in real-time.

Discover threats to external assets before attackers and adversaries compromise your security.

  • Discover external digital footprint and assets with a external attack surface.
  • Analyze asset attributes and determine organizational need and risk.
  • Prioritize assets and vulnerabilities to measurably reduce organizational risk.
  • Remediate and communicate changes about assets to team members and stakeholders.
  • Monitor for new and changes to existing attack surface with continuously.

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Why DigitalStakeout is a leader in External Threat Management

Comprehensive internal and external data collection and coverage enables you to acquire the visibility you need into your digital footprint and external attack surface.

Unlike other solutions, DigitalStakeout Scout supports both digital risk protection and attack surface management capabilities to give you a detailed view of your external digital footprint.

DigitalStakeout’s best-in-class customer support gives you access to subject matter expert resources to help you create, optimize and maintain external threat management capability.

“DigitalStakeout has an extremely flexible data model capable of aggregating information from a broad set of digital channels …. and automatically applying a nearly limitless set of metadata and classifiers.”

Start taking opportunities away from cyber adversaries.