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Google Search Monitor

Monitoring Search Engines

Monitor and receive alerts for new results on Google Search with DigitalStakeout's Google Search Monitor.

Google Search Monitor is tailored for security and risk professionals seeking valuable search results for physical, cyber, and reputational risks. This powerful monitor automatically discovers changes in Google search results, providing real-time updates and actionable insights to help protect your organization from emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Key features of the Google Search Monitor for security professionals include:

  1. Comprehensive OSINT coverage: By continuously scanning Google search results based on your specified keywords, the Google Search Monitor uncovers a wealth of OSINT data across various sources, including news articles, blogs, forums, social media and the public surface web.

  2. Customizable alerts for risk management: Receive notifications about changing search results related to specific security concerns, such as physical threats, cyberattacks, or reputational risks. Stay well-informed without being overwhelmed by tailoring alerts' frequency and delivery method to your needs.

  3. Advanced filtering for relevant intelligence: DigitalStakeout enrichment algorithms add context to all results. This context lets you filter pertinent and valuable information, minimizing noise and irrelevant content.

  4. Contextual analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of the potential risks and threats by examining the context surrounding your monitored keywords. This feature helps you identify trends, patterns, and potential vulnerabilities, allowing you to take proactive measures to mitigate risks.

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