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Setup Alerts with Extensive Filtering Options

Minimize alert fatigue and stay informed on critical discoveries with real-time alerting.

About DigitalStakeout Alerting

DigitalStakeout alerting feature empowers users to set up tailored notifications and alerts for specific keywords, topics, and enriched metadata found within collected osint and threat intelligence data. This functionality enables users to stay up-to-date on relevant developments in their areas of interest without manually monitoring multiple sources of information.

How Alerting Works

Define Your Alert Criteria: Users must first determine the conditions for receiving notifications. This includes:

  • Data source for the alert

  • Boolean or entity-level criteria that trigger the alert

  • Alert frequency

  • Notification method

  • Volume required to activate the alert

Automatic Monitoring: Once the criteria are established, DigitalStakeout will continuously monitor target monitors and various information sources for mentions of the specified keywords or matching query.

Receive Custom Notifications: When a relevant mention is detected, users will receive a notification through their chosen method, such as email or an in-platform notification within DigitalStakeout. Each user can customize their preferences and update them as needed.

Get started now! See DigitalStakeout plans and pricing.

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