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Schedule a Digital Footprint Protection Demo

In today's digital age, digital executive protection from identity fraud, social engineering, doxxing, and physical security incidents is more important than ever. DigitalStakeout Footprint Protection will help you safeguard your protectee's personal information, minimize their digital footprint and reduce the opportunity for nefarious actors to gain access to personally identifiable information.

In a demo call we'll cover the following:

  1. Vetted Security Personnel: Unlike any other option to perform this service, DigitalStakeout only utilizes vetted security personnel to perform removals, submit abuse claims, or help coordinate actions to de-list content. Only entrusted US-based employees will handle or interact with your protectee's personal information.

  2. On-boarding Protectees: Employees, executives, and board members are securely on-boarded to DigitalStakeout's privacy protection service quickly and easily.

  3. DigitalStakeout Monitoring: Once signed up, DigitalStakeout's system scans the internet for sensitive personal information. We scan the web for information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles.

  4. Opt-Out and Removals: When we discover personally identifiable information, DigitalStakeout initiates an opt-out and removal request process on behalf of the user. We contact the websites or platforms hosting the information and request its removal. 

  5. Initial Reporting: DigitalStakeout provides your organization with an initial report that details the information found and the steps taken to remove it. From then on, DigitalStakeout will provide ongoing reporting to demonstrate continuous monitoring and subsequent removals.

  6. Continuous Protection: DigitalStakeout's privacy protection service is an ongoing service that provides continuous monitoring and protection for each protectee's personal information. DigitalStakeout will initiate the opt-out and removal request process to maintain user privacy if any new information is exposed.


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