Acquire insight from real-time or historical data from social, deep web and dark web channels to analyze and visualize discoveries.

location-based monitor

  • Centralized monitoring of surface web, social media, deep web and the dark web enables a single-tool solution to monitor for digital risk.
  • Real-time monitoring and search gives you the power to search events as they happen for quick incident resolution.
  • Intuitive analytics enable you to identify trends and correlate events across data channels.

Our proprietary data processors enrich and automatically classify data for digital risk management

perform realtime information discovery with digitalstakeout to detect threats

  • Psycholinguistics: sentiment and emotion algorithms detect threats and control for sarcasm.
  • Security algorithms detect cyber threats, vulnerabilities and hazards to people, places and things.
  • Statistical signal processing algorithms alert users of anomalies that warrant immediate attention.
  • Machine learning algorithms automatically categorize posts into 25+ security, safety, privacy, and reputation categories with best-in-class accuracy.

Analyze your data discoveries with intuitive visualizations and entity analytics

threat intelligence analysis of social and deep web data

  • Real-time and on-demand historical analytics.
  • Boolean, faceted, entity, topical and date/time search.
  • Summary, comparative and trend analytics.
  • Geo-spatial, cluster, social graph and cloud visualizations.

Distribute critical information discoveries to stakeholders and integrate with other systems

deep web monitoring with user configured email alerting

  • Alert: Receive automated alerts related to the detection of common security and privacy threats, critical incidents, anomalies, and user-configured criteria.
  • Notify: Configure custom rule-based alerts to meet organizational needs.
  • Integrate: Point discovery to private servers and organizational Intranets. Integrate discoveries into a SIEM platform with a REST API in real-time.

“…a powerful digital risk monitoring solution…”