DigitalStakeout Scout continuously protects your digital brand from external threats and mitigates digital risk to your external attack surface.

Dataminr Competitor & Alternative

Looking for competitors and alternatives to Dataminr? Scale your visibility and save 80% of your time with our open source intelligence platform. Tap into the surface web, social media, dark web, and Internet with automated collection,on-demand analytics, and rule-based workflow.

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Tap into Real-time Open Source Data

Unlike Datminr, DigitalStakeout’s platform enables modular access to real-time information from the surface web, social media, alt-tech, dark web, and Internet web intelligence to detect critical events. Save 80% of the time and effort on  required your use case with expert support and capabilities that enable successful long-term OSINT implementations.

Automated OSINT and Analytics Done Right

DigitalStakeout Scout combines collection, machine learning, threat intelligence, and workflow automation into a open source intelligence capability. With DigitalStakeout, you can continuously scan and visualize open source data in real-time. DigitalStakeout comes with 50+ visualizations that enable situational awareness and provide immediate risk insights. Get the flexibility you need to investigate incidents and save time on repetitive tasks with user-defined views using Boolean, faceted, and entity search filters. DigitalStakeout Scout’s workflow and alerting features give you complete flexibility to be alarmed of important discoveries.

The world’s leading brands and organization trust DigitalStakeout.

Open Source Intelligence Solutions

Real-time OSINT

Monitor for critical information from social media, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet for mentions of your brand, planned actions, data leaks & doxxing, online threats and new exploits.


Targeted Coverage

Tap into public data on the surface web, social media, dark web, and internet, including newly published information from million sites across the web. Integrate your own data and aggregate data from your favorite third-party data sources.

Why Choose DigitalStakeout over Dataminr?


Real-time Visibility

The DigitalStakeout Scout platform enables the broadest access to open sources. We offer proprietary visibility into public data and continuously discover new public content across the web.

Contextual Data

We leverage machine learning, artificial insight, and the correct data for the problem. Our proprietary technology approach discovers more information than legacy open source intelligence services or inferior solutions that over-sell their visibility and capabilities.

Expertise & Support

A successful open source intelligence capability is a collaborative effort that requires constant adaption and continuous improvement. Our customer success team helps customers through every stage of their OSINT journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the open source intelligence?

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the process of collecting and analyzing information gathered from public sources or open sources where it is free and legal to collect.

What does your OSINT platform consider as public OSINT?

Typically, information is considered to be open source if:

  • The content is published for a public audience.
  • The content can be found through a google search.
  • The content can be freely accessed by the general public.
  • The content is public on a social media sites.
  • If the information can be collected without restriction.
  • The information may be found on the surface web, social media, social networks, the dark web and search engines.
  • The information can be found through google hacking or otherwise known as a google dork.
  • The information may be found using technical tools like scanners, crawlers and third-party data aggregators.
  • The information may be found on deep web sites that archive historical information.

Compared to Dataminr, what features does your solution offer?

  • Access 25M+ sources from the surface web, social media, alt-tech, dark web, and the Internet.
  • DigitalStakeout handles natural language processing and proprietary extracts to normalize and link data to searchable fields.
  • Use DigitalStakeout Tools to search and discover important information to track with on-demand contextual search engines.
  • Create automated feeds from Monitor modules to aggregate and unify all the data you need in one place.
  • Organize your data into logical compartments to enable specific use cases by need.
  • DigitalStakeout machine learning, AI, and signature processes automatically tag important risk and security discoveries.
  • Annotate your data to your requirements with an unlimited real-time risk score, tag, classifier, and word-list rules.
  • Search and investigate your aggregated data with Boolean, faceted results, word-list, and linked entities.
  • Create unlimited user-defined email alert rules with Boolean, entity, tag, or word-list criteria.
  • Share and collaborate on discoveries with an integrated workflow, collaboration, and case management tools.
  • Leverage a large library of canned analytics on-demand without building charts and visualizations.
  • Maintain situational awareness by creating multiple dashboards from a library of 50+ canned widgets.
  • Integrate your DigitalStakeout alerts and incidents into your existing tool(s) with a simple REST API.
  • Get subject matter expert support only from practitioners with decades of experience in security and risk mitigation.

What makes DigitalStakeout a better open source intelligence solution than Dataminr?

  • Broadest access to data sources across the surface web, social media and dark web.
  • Ability to consume own data and integrate existing third-party tools.
  • Modular design that enables scalable and repeatable processes.
  • Multi-domain detection across operational, physical, cyber, and reputational risks.
  • Structured data for quick triage, investigation, and response to risk events.
  • Extensive time-based search, pivot, filter, and data analytics options.
  • Worry-free infrastructure with no hardware, software, or development required.
  • Simple pay as you scale pricing with access to all supported data sources.
  • Expert subject matter expertise to assist with all aspects of your customer journey.



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