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Cobwebs Alternatives and Competitors

Looking for competitors and alternatives to Cobwebs? Get a Demo.

DigitalStakeout over Cobwebs?

Context-specific data is required to detect events that lead to disruption, outages, breaches, losses, brand damage, and health and safety risk. DigitalStakeout is the only platform that enables multi-dimensional OSINT that breaks downs blind spots and product silos.

  • Extensive transparency on features and pricing.

  • Independent data coverage across the surface web, alt-tech, social media, dark web and Internet.

  • Modules that consume your data and integrate existing third-party tools.

  • Modular design  that enables scalable and repeatable processes.

  • Multi-domain detection across operational, physical, cyber, and reputational risks.

  • Structured data for quick triage, investigation, and response to risk events.

  • Extensive time-based search, pivot, filter, and data analytics options.

  • Worry-free infrastructure with no hardware, software, or development required.

  • Simple pay-as-you-scale pricing with access to all supported data sources.

  • Expert subject matter expertise to assist with all aspects of your customer journey.


Navigating today's complex digital landscape demands more a boxed up OSINT solution. Your solution must be able to leverage surface web, social media, dark web, digital web, e-discovery and support numerous automation use cases with maximum flexibility. That's where DigitalStakeout steps in.


Unlike Cobwebs, our expertise and extensive modular platform with unmatched data visibility and investigative tools enable customers to sift through an ocean of digital content perfectly aligned to need. With DigitalStakeout, you'll elevate your operational capabilities and set a new standard. Are you ready to embrace the future of OSINT and threat intelligence and redefine your operational boundaries? Request a demo today, and let's unlock your full potential together.

Benefits of DigitalStakeout vs Cobwebs

Improve Risk Intelligence ROI

Increase the return value of risk intelligence costs.


Reduce Financial, Legal and Compliance Risk

Demonstrate duty of care and best practices.


Increase Risk to Revenue Visibility

Discover external risk to operations and revenue.


Improve Your Aggregate Protection

Improve resilience and response against more external risk.

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