Many organizations struggle with the need to identify and mitigate risk related to specific geographies. Location-based social media channels and other open source information rich with location-based metadata provide the opportunity to monitor your risk environment by location. Unlike keyword monitoring, location-based intelligence provides you the ability to create a geographic context for location protection.

With DigitalStakeout, you can monitor an unlimited number of locations in real-time to detect threats and mitigate vulnerabilities. You’ll have real-time situational awareness from local conversations. Built-in use cases filter out false positive alerts and irrelevant noise. With DigitalStakeout, you have the power to get “ground truth” when breaking events occur and the risk analytics to proactively protect your organization. Help keep your business and personnel safe from unexpected social unrest, violence, traffic, disease outbreaks, and more.

Detect threats and mitigate vulnerabilities with location-based monitoring.

Perform circular, polygon, or inferred location-based intelligence to stay abreast of:

  • Policy Violations
  • Operational Disruption
  • Intentional Threats
  • Accidental Hazards
  • Natural Disasters
  • Support for common location-based content sources.
  • Monitor native geo-tagged and geo-inferred content.
  • Perform automated discoveries of threats and vulnerabilities with built-in use cases.
  • Improve search and filter abilities with intuitive tools easy enough for non-technical use.
  • Perform advance threat analysis with location-based search tools.
  • Stay informed with automated alerting based on discoveries of content matching search criteria.

DigitalStakeout location-based analytics translate discoveries into meaningful insights to uncover geographic risk and demonstrate value to your stakeholders.

Real-time location-based monitoring with DigitalStakeout

Real-time Monitoring

Multiple location-based monitors with DigitalStakeout

Monitor Multiple Locations

Automated location-based threat discovery with DigitalStakeout.

Automated Threat Detection

Simple Location-based search with DigitalStakeout.

Simple Search Tools

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