Protect your key executives on digital channels

Digital risk monitoring is essential to maintain situational awareness for executive protection. Get ahead of physical threats by knowing what is being said on digital channels.

Instant Notification

Real-time alerting informs you when threats on the surface web, social media and the dark web are posted. Be aware so you can respond.

Automated Detection

Our software uses hundreds of algorithms to automatically detect physical threats directed at a person or place.

Localized Visibility

Location-based visibility enables you to detect and investigate site specific threats.

DigitalStakeout allows us to efficiently perform unified monitoring of a disparate set of digital sources. DigitalStakeout’s automated threat detection algorithms advance our capability to efficiently manage and mitigate client threats.

Jordan Arnold, Head of Private Client Services - K2 Intelligence


Executive protection on digital channels – surface, social and dark web

DigitalStakeout provides you the tool required to detect threats and hazards from billions of sources. Intuitive investigative tools make it easy for non-technical users to perform searches and review information. Learn more on how to protect people and places monitoring social media.

executive cyber protection to protect geo-location disclosure

  • Get real-time coverage of social, deep web, and dark web sources.
  • Automate alerting of incidents and anomalies with user-configured criteria.
  • Search and filter with intuitive tools easy enough for non-technical use.
  • View results in real-time or investigate historical data.