Discover every incident that affects public safety in real-time

DigitalStakeout alerts first responders to breaking incidents and hazards, enabling the fastest response to emergencies affecting your citizens.

Monitor in real-time

Real-time alerting informs you when incidents that affect your citizens arise.

Accelerate first response

Provide critical information for first responders’ and decision makers to respond quickly.

Keep citizens safe during crisis

Use location-based intelligence to minimize the time to get citizens out of harm’s way.

Emergency management on social media

DigitalStakeout incident detection results in quicker response and improved situational awareness during critical situations

DigitalStakeout automatically detects natural and man-made disasters including weather, health and critical infrastructure hazards to people, places and things and filters out benign data to save you precious time.Intelligence-led public safety tool to search and filter social media information at a location.

Built-in privacy controls to protect public trust

DigitalStakeout contains numerous safeguards to protect civil liberties. DigitalStakeout complies with data provider terms-of-service and automated controls prevent searches that may violate digital privacy and civil rights laws. With DigitalStakeout, you have access to a tool that can support your mission while minimizing privacy impact to citizens.

Have the data, analytics and tools to protect your citizens when they need you the most

  • Monitor and search precisely by location.
  • Refine alerts with user-defined filters.
  • Search and triage quickly with Boolean queries.
  • Comply with provider terms and privacy laws.