digitalstakeout digital risk monitoring

Cyber Security

Extend your cyber security strategy to detect external digital risk incidents where internal defenses cannot protect.

Global Coverage

Extend cyber security visibility with global coverage on your brand’s external digital footprint.

Instant Notification

User-defined alerting informs in real-time to digital risk incidents so you can respond quickly.

Advanced Filtering

Cut through the noise with proprietary data-enrichment, automated entity extraction, faceted filtering and Boolean search.

Real-time coverage of digital channels that impact cyber security.

Regain Control

Keep pace with an expanding digital footprint. DigitalStakeout monitors collect and analyze data from digital channels and detect digital risk incidents that warrant immediate action. Protect your digital footprint on the surface web, dark web and other digital channels. DigitalStakeout Scout modular design enables you to configure and easily scale protection to meet the needs of your organization.

Be alerted to critical cyber security incidents with built-in threat detection and user-configured criteria.

Detect Digital Risk Incidents in Real-time

DigitalStakeout enables cyber security teams to quickly detect and act on events that affect information security resilience. With DigitalStakeout, in addition to extensive digital footprint coverage and 24 x 7 collection, analytics enable threat analysts to quickly triage and assess situations in a unified real-time platform.

Illuminate content from bots & bad actors before you act.

See The Real Picture

Mitigate the risk of making decisions on low-quality or falsely attributed data. DigitalStakeout Scout proprietary entity analytics extract and illuminate information hidden in content or data payloads to enable analysts to discover content produced by bots and bad actors.

Cluster and link analysis with DigitalStakeout.

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