Critical insight to determine the correct course of action

Keep up with the vast amounts of social data generated during a crisis. DigitalStakeout collects and analyzes data from social media, blogs and forums mentioning your brand and illuminates facts to help you determine the best course of action.

Instant Notification

Real-time monitoring and alerting informs you when critical information is discovered.

Sentiment Detection

Automated sentiment analysis helps you filter and analyze positive or negative content.

Crisis Management Analytics

Purpose built crisis management analytics enable you to understand how to best respond.

Crisis management on social media, blogs and forums

DigitalStakeout provides you the tool required to manage and mitigate a crisis on social media, blogs and forums. Maintaining risk-oriented view on social media, blogs and forums is essential to protect your brand reputation.

digitalstakeout crisis management

  • Get real-time coverage of social media, blogs, forums and media.
  • Monitor by keyword, hashtag, location and property.
  • Automate alerting of critical information with user-configured criteria.
  • Intuitive and purpose built visualizations illuminate essential facts.