Business Risk Intelligence

Mitigate risk to your organization by gaining real-time insight into customers, competitors and industry on social media, blogs, forums and reviews.

Prevent Blind Spots

Acquire total visibility to public data associated to your organization. DigitalStakeout Scout covers over 10+ channels and thousands of sources spanning social media, blogs, forums and the deep web.

Segment Data into Dimensions

Understand opinions with sentiment and entity analytics. Discover brand sentiment and filter results by multiple dimensions such as place, topic and language.

Stay Informed in Real-Time

Get real-time coverage and instant alerts inform you organization when events arise so that you can respond quickly. Quickly search and filter your data with intuitive research tools.

Mitigate Data Blind Spots

Many organizations struggle to keep up with the vast amounts of data and resources required manage reputation and identify trends on social media. With a simple and scalable approach to social media analysis, we reduce the risk of untapped opportunity and vague insights.

Unify Visibility Across Channels

Business risk intelligence requires real-time global reach across social media, blogs, forums and other channels. DigitalStakeout is an easy to use platform that enables your team to centralize visibility and workflow. Understand the sentiment of your customers, discover trends and illuminate opportunities all in one place.

Maintain Real-time Visibility

Business risk events erupt and go viral quickly. DigitalStakeout detects damaging issues immediately so you can respond to protect your reputation without delay.

Gain Insight On-demand

You don’t have hours to wait for answers. DigitalStakeout enables analysts to search and analyze through large volumes of data for instant ad-hoc analytics and visualizations. Advanced analytics enable analysts to make sense of expected and unexpected situations.

Create Meaningful Context with Automation

Automated custom tags act as markers within your data stream and timeline providing business context for analytics and visualizations.

Create Business Context

Prepare your data with automated entity extraction and automation to create high-value insights. Automated entity extraction extracts data into usable fields. Decorate your data with automated tagging to categorize conversations by brand, product, issue or customer type.

Customer Success

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